It Looks Like I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game Webtoon Review

You may have read a story about entering an otome game as the villain, but have you read one where the protagonist is going against another real player? In this story, that is the case for our villainess protagonist, the Imperial Princess Elvia. One day, Elvia answered a phone call and she suddenly entered an otome game with two male concubines besides her. She can see the selection screen of another actual player that took over the female lead in this game known as Yuriel. In other words, Elvia can see all the choices the player behind the Yuriel selects, and Yuriel can see affection rate and quests given. As usual, the villainess in this game is destined to die at the hands of the female lead, so this ability can be an advantage to Elvia.

It Looks Like I've Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game -  EmpressManga|إمبراطورة المانجا


Prince Ettsen Velrod (Prince Etsen Velod)

First off, we have Prince Ettsen Velrod whose country was conquered by Elvia’s people, and he became a war trophy to prevent further destruction in his country. He is also the lover of Yuriel, so he has a grudge against Elvia. During one of the chapters, Ettsen tried to escape with Yuriel but was caught soon after. It was also hinted to Ettsen that Yuriel had another man besides him, Robia. I feel bad for this character since he was devoted to Yuriel even after knowing about her affair. It’s painful to see him wait for Yuriel meanwhile she’s actually scheming with another man ;~;


Nadricka was a former slave before he became Elvia’s concubine. He has been the most loyal to her, and he is quite timid and shy. Being the only one that knows Elvia has lost her memories, he explains the situation and provides information to her. I would say he’s like her main lover right now since they spend the most time together. He can also be quite protective of Elvia such as when he showed a serious expression after a man grabbed her wrist during a banquet.


Robia is one of Elvia’s concubine as well, and we can see that he yearns for her affection but he seems kind of tsundere about it. As mentioned, he was also one of Yuriel’s lover. However, after her affair with Ettsen was revealed, Robia’s affection resetted so he realized that Yuriel doesn’t actually love him. Afterwards, he was assigned to help Elvia with her studies. I want to see more interaction between them, and hopefully he can properly apologize to her.


Eclot Pace is the son of a deceased Marquis, and he became the head commander of Imperial Knights. Since he was viewed as a threat to the emperor, he lost most of his standing after he became Elvia’s concubine. However that was not enough, the former Elvia even sent him into years of war with the Bourne Kingdom in hopes that he would die, but he has returned to her side. I find him suspicious since he seems too good to be true especially since the old Elvia treated him like that. Despite all that happened, he remained loyal and even exposed Yuriel for her bad deeds.


This webtoon is interesting especially because it has two people in the game. I wonder what happened to Yuriel after she was kicked out of the palace, and we have not seen much of Ettsen since then. I hope each character can live a happy life, and I will continue giving Eclot the benefit of the doubt. Elvia’s personality also stood out to me because she kept up with her villainess act, and didn’t try to change back into a nicer person. I’m looking forward to what direction this story will go, and I recommend to give this a try if you have not read it yet!

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2 thoughts on “It Looks Like I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game Webtoon Review

  1. I love this manhwa! I think this webtoon would span up to hundreds of chapters. I still have so much questions unanswered. Yuriel would definitely be back with backup. If she doesn’t, I’ll be disappointed. I wish the MC had a powerful ally or some sort of “frenemy” outside the castle. It’s really difficult to believe that when she was holed up in her room, the only person who visited her was her sex slave. I mean, powerful people have either “powerful friends” or people who suck up to them. I still like it. Things are definitely going to be more interesting now that Robia knows she’s been sorta found out.

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    1. I also hope there’s more appearance of Yuriel (・∀・) I was hoping she would be the enemy on the long run. And good point, I wonder will we meet some people from outside.

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