The Kore Wa Watashi Blog Award

We were tagged in The Kore Wa Watashi Blog Award, and thank you Yu Alexius for the tag! All these questions seem interesting and fun to answer, so let’s get to it!


  • The purpose of this tag is very simple! Describe yourself through anime! To do this you will answer all of the questions below!
  • After this is done you will tag 6 people to pass the tag onto! If you’re tagged for a second time you only have to tag 3 in your next post and 1 on your third attempt and should you so choose beyond.
  • Tell us why you nominated these people!
  • People who ask to be tagged should be added to your tag list with a link to their blog! Tell something nice about them as well.
  • Remember to have fun with the tag and be proud of who you are, you are an amazing person, and the fact that so many anime and anime characters share traits with you shows you are pretty breathtaking!


Describe a hobby or passion you have through an anime series! For example Shokugeki no Soma if you like cooking or Initial D if you like cars.

Aiya: The one thing I enjoy doing is playing otome games, so I guess I’ll go with the My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! anime series. It’s about a girl named Katerina, who was reborn into the otome game she played in her previous life as the villainess. What’s better than living in an otome game yourself?! I would love to go on her journey in conquering the hearts of those characters.

Neru: Something I am very into is J-idol music, so Love Live! Sunshine!!. Love Live! Sunshine!! is about a group of nine girls who were inspired by the well-known idol group, μ’s, who saved their school by being school idols. So this group of nine girls also give it their all to protect their school.

Yume: Does watching anime and reading manga count as a hobby? If I can relate this back to an anime I would think of Wotakoi and Umaru. Where the characters try to balance their everyday life like school or work and still find time to play, watch anime, and read manga. Of course, don’t go too overboard and stay up too many nights like Umaru.

Simplify yourself to an Anime Archetype (Tsundere, Dojiko, Shota, Shounen-Protagonist, etc) don’t overthink what an archetype is, go with your gut. Name a character that is also that Archetype.

Aiya: I think I classify as a chibi, so someone like mini Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan. I mean who doesn’t want to laze around~ (・∀・)

Neru: I think I classify as the best friend of the main character, so someone like Yoshikawa Yuki from the upcoming anime Horimiya. Funny thing is, my favorite character from Horimiya happens to be Yuki!

Yume: I think I can be classify as a Dandere or that shy friend. A character that also has that archetype is Morioka from Net-juu no Susume. She is a introvert, but she is also very caring. Sometimes she can be socially awkward too (〃・・〃)

Describe your looks through comparing it with anime characters, you can decide how many!

Aiya: Akame from Akame Ga Kill! because of her long black hair, but I don’t have the bangs. As mentioned, I am short like Miyano from Tanaka-kun is Always Listless as well.

Neru: Yoshikawa Yuki from Horimiya! Although she isn’t exactly like how I look like, my style is pretty similar to hers. Clothes with floppy sleeves and short hair is a striking similarity.

Yume: I think I will go with Morioka from Net-juu no Susume again because if I plan to out with people I will try to get my look together, but at home I tend to be lazy in keeping my appearance up.

Describe your romantic bias and or sexuality through anime characters you find attractive. Insert the Will Smith meme from at the movies/ ta-da

Aiya: I think it depends but I feel like I’m into someone who can be gentle and smart like Akashi from Kuroko no Basket, and Lelouch from Code Geass. Someone weird like Izaya from Durarara!! can be funny and nice to have around as well.

Neru: Someone caring and gentle like Tsukioka Tsumugi (A3! Autumn and Winter), but also someone who isn’t afraid to voice their opinions like Matoba Wataru (Argonavis from BanG Dream). And someone who gives amazing hugs like Matsuura Kanan (Love Live! Sunshine!!)! You ever realize that traits you find attractive happens to be from your best boys/girls? Yeah me too.

Yume: I feel like I am into so many different types. Two types that comes to mind are the cool and caring type like Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss and the carefree type like Ye Xiu from The King’s Avatar. Tomoe can be cool and a tsundere sometimes, but he can also be very sweet and loving. People call Ye Xiu shameless, but I kind of like his straightforwardness. He may tease you and joke around a lot, but that makes him fun to talk to and hang out with.

Tell us about your day to day life and what anime that would fit into! You can be creative here!

Aiya: I would say Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan describes my life the best! During my free time, I would enjoy watching anime, and playing games such as mmorpgs, pubg, or otome games.

Neru: My life right now would be like The King’s Avatar and I blame Genshin Impact for that. If only I spend as much time on my work as I do on Genshin Impact, haha. Wake up, eat, do some work, go to class if needed, then gaming. That’s my life.

Yume: I think Narumi from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku best describe me right now. Except I don’t have a lover like Hirotaka yet. However, how I am balancing my work life and my anime life I feel like I am like Narumi.

Describe your hopes and dreams through an anime character.

Aiya: I hope to be like Ikuto from Runway de Waratte. He was able to go after his dream in fashion design despite his limited background and support. He doesn’t give up, and is willing to stand back up and push towards his goal.

Neru: My dream is to be someone like Sawako Kuronuma (Kimi ni Todoke). She was able to chase after her dreams and have people around her who are extremely supportive of her. A bonus would be having someone like Kazahaya being my lover. Ah the dream.

Yume: I hope I can be like Narumi from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku one day. Find someone like Hirotaka that is willing to accept my Anime hobby and check out Anime conventions with me. Have close friends like Koyanagi to talk about Anime and Manga…even recommend each other BL (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵)


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2 thoughts on “The Kore Wa Watashi Blog Award

  1. Hi guys, these are all fun to read. It seems that we all have a portion of Umaru-chan and Wotakoi deep inside among anime fans. It’s great to have a glimpse at the person behind the anime profile pics ^^..

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