The Making of a Princess Manhua Review

If everything was suddenly taken away you, most would surely feel like giving up. However, that is not the case for our protagonist, Sophia. Once an arrogant princess, will she be able to survive the harsh life as a maid of the one that destroyed everything?


From Xilang to West Lang Sophia, the haughty Princess of the Kingdom of West Lang, was reduced to a lowly maid! Trampled on and humiliated, the reality she’s faced with is a harsh and cruel one. However, relying on nothing but her wits, she rises up against the odds. Will she be able to take back everything that once was hers… and more?

Anime Planet


The story portrays Sophia’s arrogance well, but we also see how clever she can be when she meets a threat. I enjoy this change of pace with a more haughty protagonist instead of the typical smart female protagonist in the story. It’s interesting to see whether Sophia will work with Jax’s brother, Cecil, to take revenge on Jax, or will she fall in love with Jax first. So far, I feel like it’s still uncertain who the male lead is since it seems difficult for Sophia to fall for someone that killed her father whereas Cecil has interacted with her more and can support her in her revenge. Looking forward to where the story goes, and Sophia’s development.

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