The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass

What would happen if you died wanting revenge on your killer? Surely, you would want to carry out that revenge plot, no? Well, that is exactly what happened to Aria Roscent.

Aria Roscent is the daughter of a prostitute, so of course all the noble people look down on her. That includes her step brother and sister after Aria’s mother married into the Count’s family.

Having been killed by her step siblings in her previous life, Aria vows to destroy the two of them in her next life. So, using her previous life’s knowledge, Aria sets out to get revenge on her siblings.

This story follows Aria as she relives her life while attempting to change her fate using her knowledge from her previous life. She also manages to snag a lover while she’s at it. kekeke


This story is rather slow paced in the beginning but once it picks up speed, it gets really interesting. The readers can enjoy Aria’s revenge plan while all the back stories unfold. There’s an even greater secret about Aria’s identity waiting to be revealed!

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