Bewitching Perfume Otome Review

I came across this game on the mobile one day, and the story really pulled me in. In the game, you have four love interest, and five hearts daily for each chapter. In addition, there is a nintendo switch version of the game. The choices don’t really affect the ending on the mobile, but it had an interesting plot!


Even though he’s so disinterested in love, for just a moment it’s like he’s been enchanted. It’s all because of the perfume I made…”

He’s a handsome soushoku danshi who’s had a bad experience in love that he’s never been able to tell anyone. However, he suddenly turns into a nikushoku danshi!?

The perfume I made has a dangerously seductive fragrance. Before we realize it, it’s caused him to abandon all reason…

Bewitching Perfume Wiki


In my first gameplay, I chose Rei Kirishima or also known as the dangerous man. At first glance, he seems like the gentle and caring type, but in reality he actually dislikes women because of their act. Near the middle of the story, we find out there is a spy in the company, and I really believed it wasn’t him but the truth hits hard when you caught him chatting with the president of the rival company, Ilias. What’s more, we find out Rei’s brother is Ilias’s president, and Rei has felt indebted to his brother and so he agreed to be his pawn. In the end, Rei made bet with his brother that if you could finish the perfume first then his brother would not interfere with his work anymore. There are three ends super happy, happy, and normal which can be unlocked with hearts. I enjoyed the super happy end where you completed the perfume, and you changed Rei and his past belief. You got together and decided to stay in the perfume department to develop the next perfume!

I don’t own any images used!

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