D4DJ First Mix Ep.1 (Spoilers!)

The D4DJ anime is finally here! I’ve been anticipating this anime for a long time, so here we go!

D4DJ First Mix! The anime about DJs! In the first episode, we are introduced to the world of D4DJ. Rinku Aimoto, our ball of energy, just returned to Japan after living in Africa for most of her childhood.

On her first day at her new high school during lunch, she hears this song that she really loves (“Wow War Tonight”). She gets super excited and runs to find the person broadcasting the song on the school’s PA system.

There, she meets the stand-in DJ, Maho Akashi!

Rinku, who pretty much knows nothing about DJ music, asks Maho a whole bunch of questions after. (Rinku really hooked onto DJing after like a minute haha). So Maho takes Rinku to see a DJ unit performance, more specifically, Peak P-Key’s performance.

And of course, our ball of energy gets super excited. After all, Peaky P-Key’s performance was pretty hype.

So she asks Maho to form a unit with her. But it took her a couple days of begging and bribery to finally get Maho to agree.

After agreeing, Maho takes Rinku to the school’s DJ room to teach Rinku how to DJ. And there, Rinku shows Maho her natural talent for feeling the beats of songs. Pretty cool, eh?


I’m really excited to see the growth that D4DJ will be experiencing. It’s clear that Bushiroad has invested a lot of money into D4DJ (nice animations, amazing songs, top notch voice actors and voice actresses, and more!). I sure hope that the anime can live up to that investment! Pretty sure it will, but we’ll see!

Rinku is so cute. Her enthusiasm might be contagious at this point. Although I do see a con with her being overenthusiastic at some point. Give her a chance though, she’ll most likely grow on you! And Maho is also super cute. She’s like Rinku’s voice of reason.

Peaky P-Key’s performance was amazing. In terms of voice actresses, I think Peaky P-Key is superior. Aimin, Reocchi, Moepii, and Myuu??? Bro, that lineup, who can hate?

I can’t wait to meet all the other units though! Definitely looking forward to meeting Photon Maiden and Rondo!

3 thoughts on “D4DJ First Mix Ep.1 (Spoilers!)

      1. Gotcha. Hopefully they explain where later on in the series and not treat the continent like a country since there’s over 50 of them in that part of the world. It’s a pet peeve of mine. You don’t really see Africa that much in anime.

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