Fall Season 2020 Anime Chat Part 2 ( Spoilers! )

Yume: Yashahime continues to leave me with many questions, Majo no Tabitabi Ep 3 was dark, I’m Standing on a Million Lives Ep 3 got a new girl to join the team, and Akudama Drive Ep 2 got me excited!

Aiya: Another new anime this season is Majo no Tabitabi, the story follows a wandering witch named Elaina and her journey around the world. In the recent ep 3, it got a bit dark with the two stories of the maid and the flower field. I didn’t expect the story to go from peaceful to gloomy suddenly.

Majo no Tabitabi – Official Trailer

Yume: Yes! Ep 1 we learned about her backstory and we saw she definitely had some good parents. Ep 2 we got to see how much she has matured as an adult. Ep 3 I wasn’t ready for these twisted stories. The maid story was depressing, but I kind of like how she is just observing and not interfering with their lives. However, seeing how that maid was treated I probably couldn’t hold my anger and wanted to teach that village chief a lesson. She really is just passing by…

Aiya: Did you watch the new ep of Yashahime? And is it just me, or is Inuyasha’s child the smart one here! I never would’ve guessed Moroha to be the peacemaker between the sisters, and to be so reasonable as to why they must be siblings.

Yume: Moroha is a perfect combination of Inuyasha and Kagome. Like Kagome she is understanding and caring, but she does take after her dad in how she words things. I am also surprised that Moroha is the peacemaker between Setsuna and Towa.

Another anime that was surprising to watch is I’m Standing on a Million Lives. Watching Yotsuya breaking those cell phones was hilarious. He was quite cool too~

I’m Standing on a Million Lives – Ep 3 clip

Aiya: Yes! We got a new girl joining the team! My favorite part was also when Yotsuya ran right into the girls bathroom and smashed those girl’s cellphone. I’m curious why the game master chose that Otaku girl to join the team.

Another anime we must talk about is Akudama Drive Ep 2. It seems Cutthroat is showing interest in the Ordinary Girl. It was funny how the hoodlum guy pretended to brag about himself. I feel bad for the Ordinary Girl when she tried to sacrifice herself for the Hoodlum guy and he goes and be like this girl is actually an amazing criminal XD. I feel like that officer was about to let her go or go easy on her since she’s not a criminal.

Images from Akudama Drive Ep 2

Yume: I am loving Akudama Drive too. Well, if Cutthroat likes the Ordinary Girl, at least he will protect her from now on I think. I do love the duality in Cutthroat’s personality. He can be childishly cute and another sec he can be serious and scary. I wonder does the Ordinary Girl realize she is already a wanted criminal and there is no going back.

Aiya: Also Yuukoku no Moriarty ep 2 had a great background story. William was a genius as a kid, but he’s not the legitimate son of the Moriarty family. I wonder did they kill the real William later? It was kind of scary when William smiled and had the children chant. But the Moriarty brothers are so good looking!

Yume: I understand, I mean Louis, William, and Albert are all so visually attractive. The real William or Albert’s real little brother is a psycho, he would probably grow to be a horrible person or a murderer anyway. However, I do got to say the way social class was described is really realistic and even still happens today.

Image from Moriarty the Patriot Ep 2

Aiya: Don’t forget Talentless Nana. We have an invincible guy against the killer. I was worried that he would get killed like the others, but I’m glad he survived that ambush.

Image from Talentless Nana Ep 3

Yume: Onodera was so cool. I am curious about what happened to his little sister. Is she already dead? Onodera probably gives Nana heart attacks because you can’t tell is he serious or joking. Is funny how all his theories are correct and he is saying all this in front of the killer herself. Sometimes I wonder is Onodera teasing or playing around with Nana. It will be interesting to see how things will unfold after this episode especially, Nana will have to be extra careful in killing her victims.

Aiya: That will be the end of this chat! We are looking forward to the next episode of each series. Thank you for taking the time to read with us!

Yume: Thank you for reading! Let us know what anime you are watching too.

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