A3! Autumn and Winter Ep. 1 (Spoilers!)

Now that A3! Autumn and Winter is airing, I can finally continue my A3! posts!

Now if you thought the Summer Troupe is hard to manage, imagine the always fighting Autumn Troupe.

(left to right) Nanao Taichi, Hyodo Juza, Settsu Banri, Fushimi Omi, Furuichi Sakyo

We are introduced to the main members of the Autumn troupe in the very first episode during their auditions. We also get a glimpse of each of their acting skills. With some of them breezing through it and others seeming more awkward. But all of them are accepted nonetheless!

However, Juza and Banri are just constantly fighting with each other. And of course there’s Sakyo who would constantly use his yakuza trained abilities to scare the two into submission.

kek angry Banri

Anyways, after the five of them get accepted, they started discussing the dorm situation. Sakyo (forcefully) suggests that Banri and Juza dorms together in order to improve their relationship, claiming that their relationship will drag the Autumn Troupe down (he’s right about that).

In the end, Banri and Juza shares a room, Omi and Taichi shares a dorm, and Sakyo gets his own room.

And then we go to the epic fight scene between Banri and Juza. Banri constantly riles up Juza and in the end Juza almost punches Banri. But right before he lands the hit, Omi steps in and grabs Juza’s arm. And like that, Omi single handedly stops the duo’s fight. Super impressive!

The episode ends with a conversation between Muku and Juza. Juza tells Muku to not address him with familiarity, but doesn’t give Muku a reason why he wants it that way. So Muku assumes that it’s because Juza doesn’t want to be associated with him because it would drag Juza’s image down. Juza is shocked by Muku’s words but doesn’t get a chance to refute because Muku quickly leaves after saying that. But Juza really feels the other way around, he doesn’t want people to know that Muku is associated with him because he’s afraid that he would drag Muku’s image down. (cries, Juza’s so sweet.)


Does anybody play the game? Well if you play the game then you will know exactly how this anime is going to go. But if you don’t, don’t worry about it! You will still get to experience the magic of the Autumn and Winter Troupes!

A lot happened in this episode. We got to meet the entire Autumn Troupe and got to know what they’re like a bit. Although, like Omi said, you can’t judge someone by their looks. All the Autumn Troupe’s actors are hiding something beneath their smiling faces.

This episode was fun, it really took me back to when I read the Autumn Troupe’s story in the game. I look forward to watching the Autumn boys grow and develop!

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