HYPNOSISMIC -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima Ep. 1 (Spoilers!)

Every imagine a world without weapons and the only way to resolve fights is through rapping. Yup, that’s the world of Hypnosis Mic (I’m going to be using Hypmic when talking about the series because that’s how the name is shortened).

In the very beginning of the first episode, we see cameos of all the main characters of HypMic. And while they show each character, there is an announcement being made about a new law that is going in place. That law states that all conflicts must be resolved using the “hypnosis mic”.

Fast forward about 3 years, we meet all the different units that the leader is keeping her eye on.

Buster Bros

Mad Trigger Crew

Fling Posse

and Matenrou

In the first episode, we meet all the units and get the honors of hearing each one of them go through a HypMic battle which all of them won obviously). After each battle, we hear commentary and analysis from the leader of Party of Words, Otome Tohoten.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it. And it ends with Otome wanting those units that she’s keeping an eye on to battle each other I think. Yup.


I launched myself into HypMic with pretty much zero prior knowledge. My friend is super into it so I would learn a bit from her here and there. I also listened to one song called “Femme Fatale”. It actually slaps hard so I recommend. (They actually sing. They just rap in the beginning). But that’s it haha.

Anyways as for my thoughts on the actual episode: I look forward of how HypMic develops. Now that they’ve introduced all the main characters and different units, I wonder how things are going to progress from there. I feel like HypMic might be a hard anime to get into, because it’s not like most music anime, but do give HypMic some time! It might end up being worth your time investment!

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