In Search of Haru : Otome Game Sweet Love Story Review (Spoiler)

In search of Haru is a mobile otome game created by SEEC. The story follows a girl name Shinosaka Konatsu that got bullied for being chubby as a kid, but met a kind boy named Haru. Now she is trying to find Haru again at her new school, but there is three guys named Haru!

Hello everyone it’s Aiya, I thought I would talk about a short otome game I recently played!

As mentioned, in this school there are three Harus: Haruka Fujisaki, Takaharu Kiryu, and Haruto Yanagi. So how will Konatsu find out who’s the real Haru she’s looking for?

You will unlock a part of the story whenever the bar is filled to each checkpoint. You can get memory fragments by tapping on students passing by (students spawn every minute), completing quests, or by using items such as memory candy/famous cookies. There’s also a scratch-off that rewards fragments and items.

Dark Ending

So I got the Dark End right off my first gameplay! How sad is that?! I’m honestly shocked because I thought Haruka Fujisaki was a typical popular and kind guy, and expected the end to be happy. Instead, he called Konatsu to the rooftop for a sweet confession, then he turned yandere mode the next moment. He basically threatened to reveal Konatsu’s past and secret if she didn’t listen to what he said. Search for Haru fail!

Bad End

The bad end was not as bad as the dark end, but I must have some attraction to these endings. In this route, I did not get any guy! Konatsu’s secret somehow got around the school, and everyone started making fun of her. Near the end, we find out it was her friend, Yua, who dug up this information and spread it around. She also revealed that she had wanted to steal Konatsu’s boyfriend, which she did not have in this route unfortunately. After this incident, Konatsu stopped coming to school and cutted off her relationship with everyone. Search for Haru fails again!

Normal Ending

After playing three routes, I have discovered that my guessing skills are pretty bad! I really thought it was Takaharu Kiryu due to the handkerchief he had resembled the one Konatsu had back then. They got closer after he rescued Konatsu in the train. Then, it seems Konatsu lent him her handkerchief when he was injured back then, and he started teasing her afterwards. The truth was he actually liked her, but was too embarrassed to admit it in front of his friends. Konatsu also forgave him, and so he agrees to help Konatsu search for Haru.

Happy Ending

If you managed to guess the right one, well then you are correct! The Haru she has been searching for was Haruto Yanagi all along. So Konatsu went to see a film with Haruto, and found out he likes reading an author she recommended to Haru before. Soon it starts to rain, and they got stuck without an umbrella. This develops the story into Konatsu asking Haruto out to a park after school where Haruto reveals himself as Haru. He tells Konatsu he felt it was his fault that she left since he was rude, and so he distanced himself from others and began to try to understand her interests. Afterwards, they forgave and kissed!

Overall, I think they did a wonderful job creating a cute story in such short time frame. Not to mention the adorable art style, and beautiful ending song at the end! I like that it’s fairly easy to get fragments and finish off the story, and that you can view back on past stories and images. If you are looking for a short otome game to try out, I recommend you to give it a try!

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