Japanese music – Artist: LiSA (Top 5)

Sword Art Online! LiSA debutted many SAO albums, and this was the show that first introduced me to her songs. She has a lovely and strong voice which makes her songs stand out even more! Sword Art Online’s very first opening Crossing Field by LiSA, CD released on August 8, 2012. The song shows the great love of Asuna for Kirito and how she has become stronger. I love this song because it gives an emotional vibe whenever you hear it. Many of us have a weakness that holds us back and we all go through failures, but someday we will find something or someone that will shine light on us, and make us want to stand back up. I was getting into mmorpg’s when I first watched this show, so this song became one of my favorites.

We can’t forget a pretty popular anime last year, Demon Slayer. LiSA sang their first opening Gurenge, and was released April 22, 2019. A song of encouragement and to not give up. Reminds me how Tanjiro always protect Nezuko. This song gives me the feel of not letting obstacles stop me from doing what I want. People feel discouraged in life, but instead of letting it get to us, we should embrace it. Let it be in the past, and continue moving forward and become stronger.

ADAMAS sang by LiSA in Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening 1. Another great battle song I love to listen to whenever I play games. It keeps you motivated and excited!

Shirushi is Sword Art Online II’s third ending, released December 10, 2014. This song definitely touches the heart, and reminds me of the memories Konno Yuuki spent with Asuna. Their friendship will always last forever, and the song is like their yearning to spend each day happily.

Unlasting sang by LiSA, from SAO Alicization: War of Underworld ending 1. This has been my recent favorite sang by LiSA. It is so emotional, full of grievance and makes me want to cry. It is unlike the other songs that she usually sings that are more like encouragement and love type. Instead this is more like a breakup song or when you lose someone you love. We tell ourselves we don’t need them anymore, but in truth we are in denial and can’t accept the fact they are no longer there.

Well that’s the end of it! This is just my personal opinion of ones I like, and are in no particular order 🙂 Do you like any of these songs from LiSA as well?

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2 thoughts on “Japanese music – Artist: LiSA (Top 5)

  1. I think of all the SAO songs I’ve heard, Shiruishi by LISA always gets me. It’s such a beautiful song for a beautiful arc of Sword Art Online (Mother’s Rosario). Honestly after hearing that song and watching that arc my appreciation for SAO just jumped several notches! 😃👍


    1. Agreed! I love all the SAO songs though XD Her new album, Homura for Demon slayer movie also sounds great 🙂

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