The King’s Avatar S2 Ep.1 Review (Spoilers)

The King’s Avatar (anime) is finally back with its second season! I saw the announcement not long ago and I have to say, I was very hyped for it. The first season was absolutely beautiful so I have quite a high expectation for the second season. Let’s get started!

Ok so the first thing that I noticed was the art. The art style changed! In a good way! I’m not saying that the art in season one wasn’t good, but season two’s art makes everyone look super pretty. I really like it!

In this episode, we got a short recap of the situation that led to Ye Xiu retiring before moving onto his new guild “Happy”.

Short recap of why Ye Xiu retired: his team, Excellent Era, forced him to. Ok next!

After leaving Excellent Era, Ye Xiu goes to a net cafe, where he realizes that the 10th server of Glory is just opening. There, he creates his account (Lord Grim) and smashes all sorts of records and leaderboards in the 10th server. Ye Xiu then meets a lot of people (both ingame and in real life) and he gets them to join his guild and eventually his team.

Now we move on to the actual content from the first episode!

Ye Xiu’s guild is on the radar of all the other powerhouse guilds! Guilds like Blue Brook, Tyranny, and Samsara are all closely monitoring Happy’s movements – wanting to stop them from snatching record after record in dungeons and boss battles. It’s to the point where they even send spies from their own guilds to sabotage Happy’s dungeon runs!

Anyways, it doesn’t work out and in the end those spies were all exposed by Lord Grim.

Wanting revenge for that, all the top guilds decide to ambush Happy (when a player dies, they drop equipment and experience). But in the end the tides were reversed on them (as expected of God Ye Xiu) and they suffered more damage than they have done to Happy.

At the very end of the episode, they also had a short chibi portion where they highlighted the funniest scene from the episode. It was so cute!


This episode was so cute and funny, I loved it a lot. It has been such a long time since The King’s Avatar season 1, I totally forgot where that season left off. Actually, I will be very honest. I totally forgot majority of the characters since it’s been a long time since I watched/read The King’s Avatar. Maybe I should reread the novel again…. or maybe rewatch the drama….

Anyways! I really look forward to seeing how the second season will progress! (I know what happens because I read the novel but still hehe). I also look forward to the cute chibi portion at the end of each episode!

**The chibi portion is after the ending so make sure you watch the episode till the very end! Otherwise you will be missing out!**

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