Introduction: Raise A Suilen and Morfonica

Attention all BanG Dreamers! Are you caught up to speed with that is happening on the Japanese server of Bandori GBP? Want to know more about the newly added bands, Raise A Suilen and Morfonica? Don’t worry, I got your back! This post will be catching you up to speed with everything that has been happening with those two bands!

First up!

Raise A Suilen

Raise A Suilen is a band that was formed initially as a backup band for the BanG Dream project. To ensure that all the vocalists get a chance to perform their band’s songs (some seiyuu can’t play their respective instruments). Before being officially named “Raise A Suilen”, the band was called “The Third” (because they were the third real band in the BanG Dream franchise, the other two real bands being Poppin’ Party and Roselia).

The band consists of Rachell (vo and ba), Kohara Riko (gt), Natsume (dr), Kurachi Reo (key), and Tsumugi Risa (dj).

They were upgraded from being a backup band to an actual band after the recruitment of Tsumugi Risa (while still being a backup band for some of the vocalists). Raise A Suilen was introduced in BanG Dream Season 3. They also have their own comic!

As a real band, Raise A Suilen also has concerts featuring some other vocalists like Pastel Palette’s Aya (VA. Maeshima Amita) and Hello Happy World’s Kokoro (VA. Itou Miku).

The characters in Raise A Suilen are Layer (VA. Raychell), Lock (VA. Kohara Riko), Masking (VA. Natsume), Pareo (VA. Kurachi Reo), and Chu² (VA. Tsumugi Risa). The characters were all recruited into Raise A Suilen by Chu² because she wanted to create a band that could beat Roselia.

Follow their story in the anime (BanG Dream Season 3) and the game (BanG Dream Girls’ Band Party JP Server)!


Morfonica is the newest addition to the BanG Dream family.

The band has five members: Vo. Kurata Mashiro (VA. Shindou Amane), Gt. Kirigaya Touko (VA. Suguta Hina), Ba. Hiromatchi Nanami (VA. Nishio Yuka), Dr. Futaba Tsukushi (VA. mika), and Vn. Yashio Rui (VA. Ayasa)

Morfonica is a rock band formed by 5 Tsukinomori Girls’ Academy students. They are very serious about the band, as their members practice for hours each day (Rui practices her violin for at least 10 hours each day, more if she has a competition coming up).

Morfonica is also a real band, which means that they have live concerts! They also have their own radio show, Monica Radio, and their own YouTube series, Morfonical. Morfonica is also in Garupa Pico Ohmori!

Follow their story in the game (BanG Dream Girls’ Band Party JP server)! Maybe they’ll also be added into the anime soon, BanG Dream Season 4?

I wanted to use “Flame of Hope” instead of “Daylight” but I couldn’t find “Flame of Hope” live

What are your thoughts on the new BanG Dream bands? Like them? Dislike them? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. You may give negative comments as long as it is constructive. Negative comments that are purely hate will be deleted.

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