Collar x Malice Otome Game Review (Spoiler)

Collar x Malice english release came to the Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2020, and also currently on the PS Vita.

Collar x Malice opening theme- Silent Noise by Plastic Tree

The story follows a girl part of the SRCPO police department named Ichika Hoshino, who got knocked out and placed with a poison collar by a group of terrorist known as Adonis. Adonis has a goal to rebirth Japan, and wants Hoshino as a sympathizer. Hoshino begins her journey to solving these X-Day cases with a group that’s also investigating these cases.

This game really has a good plot not to mention the great design and music. I can never bring myself to skip the opening theme. There were also a lot of twists and mysteries in this game which made it enticing every moment! It gets you questioning justice, and what’s right and wrong.

So I will talk a bit about my gameplay experience 🙂

First play: I got lost in the first go T^T I wasn’t sure if this was like most of the otome mobile games I played where you choose a route after the prologue, but turned out the route was chosen depending on the choices you made in the prologue. The initial route I wanted was Kageyuki Shiraishi, but after playing it for a while, I somehow ended up with Takeru Sazasuka’s route. Without knowing why, I saved it and tried to restart another one.

Second play: I only realized there was a restriction on route order after my second replay. Seems I couldn’t unlock Shiraishi’s route until I played one of the other two, Sazasuka or Mineo. So earlier in this second game play, I was trying to find Shiraishi’s route, and rejected the other two route options. As a result… I died in the most fastest way by ignoring the team and trying to investigate by myself. The days went by so fast till X Day came and the end of game.

Third play: Third time’s the charm right?! Mineo is a former member of the Shinjuku Station’s Field Ops. He’s kind of childish, cute, and somewhat a chuunibyou with his fan and eyepatch. After his superior at work was involved in a X-Day incident, he quitted the police force and joined Yanagi’s group. I wasn’t really into this route at first, but after playing it he is one of my best boys now. This route taught me to always save data because when you fail a trigger mode, it’s good to redo it. For instance, I missed the shot, and Ichika’s brother got killed. Overall he had a happy end, and I’m glad they got together.

Fourth Play: I finally got Shiraishi’s route as my second route! Shiraishi is the Director of the Field Ops, and a profiler. This route hits hard, and made me cry at the end. Although he was mean and had a sharp tongue at first, his childishness was so cute and sweet. Like how he had never seen a gacha toy capsule, and never spent Christmas before. The ending really shocked me to find out he was really part of Adonis. I also suspected it at first, but it seemed too obvious. I guess that makes sense why he never seen much of the outside world before. I’m frustrated why he had to kill someone to try and save Ichika from the collar. I really wish there was a third option that did not result in him going to jail. And that amnesia part of the good ending made me cry even more… but I’m glad they fulfilled their christmas promise, and confessed to each other. Their promise to wait for him to get out of jail someday was sweet too, I need an after story! Q.Q

I also tried one of the bad endings and it was quite messed up. Ichika missed the shot, and gave in to become an executor for Adonis, and she ended up killing everyone on the team. Ichika became emotionless afterwards, and Shiraishi can only comfort Ichika as he cries for not being able to protect her. Both ending was so sad either ways… Another bad ending was after the amnesia, he told Ichika they were lovers and stayed together forever as he’s a runaway criminal. I actually prefer this bad ending more even though it’s not the best choice.

Fifth Play: I played Kei Okazaki for my third route. He’s an SP officer sent to report every movement on Yanagi and his team. There wasn’t much developing scenes it feels like, but he wanted to find someone worth dying to protect after a past incident. So after he found out about the collar and her situation, he decided to risk his life to protect her. She got upset knowing his wish, and after they talked things out about their feelings, they got together. There was some funny scenes like how his vacuum cleaner ran away. As for their ending, they both survived the attack from Adonis and it was cute how he was pouty that she took the shot for him earlier. Definitely a good route to check out if you like a caring, sweet, and protective man 🙂

Sixth Play: Takeru Sasazuka is the team’s hacker, and used to be in the Cyber Crimes Division. He also had a pretty sad past and lost his mother during a shooting in America, so he has a trauma with guns. He came back to Japan, and was investigating the X-Day cases because of the repeal on the Swords and Firearms Control Law. This route didn’t catch my attention at first, so I played it as my fourth route. However, it was pretty interesting, and of course the investigation broke my heart once again after I found out Akito (Kazuki’s friend) was part of Adonis. There’s lots of fluffy scenes in this route like how he comforts you when your feeling down and teases you a lot despite acting mean on the outside.

Aiji Yanaji is a former police officer of  Investigations Section 1 unit. Yanagi’s route unlocks after playing each character, so he had his own prologue that begins before they found the girl in the church.

In Yanagi’s route, we see a reoccurring flashback of Yanagi killing someone. I was so glad this did not end like how Shiraishi’s route did. It turns out the person Yanagi injured was a someone that kidnapped Ichika when she was little. As you play the route, he is stuck in the past with this sin, and Ichika helped him move on and to not give up. As for the end, it was one huge shock about the identity of Zero! Man, is this game about betrayals or what.

There was a special ending song that was great like the rest! It was a good wrap up to the story overall, and he even gave Ichika a ring~ 😉

Left to right: Isshiki, Kazuki, Akito

I really need a side story for these three. It was sad when Akito lost his memories of Kazuki after the arrest and his memories got erased. It was so sweet when Kazuki visited Akito in jail, and said he won’t forget him and will rebuild their friendship! Isshiki is the band’s lead singer, Kazuki is the guitarist, and Akito is a music composer. Isshiki is a great leader though like how he didn’t leave Kazuki when he was held hostage in one of the routes, and always placed his members as his top priority.

Collar x Malice ending theme-Shizuka no Umi by Plastic Tree

Overall, I give this game a 10/10! I haven’t unlocked all the bad endings yet, but I know I’m gonna cry for sure. I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for an otome game to play on the Nintendo Switch or PS Vita. On August 13, 2020, Collar x Malice Unlimited released on the Nintendo Switch, so if you enjoy the original then check out this fandisc too!

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