A Whisker Away (Spoilers!)

Cat. Would you like to be a cat? Just to be close to someone who ignores you on the daily? Or maybe, be a cat forever?

Miyo “Muge” Sasaki is a teenage girl, who has a crush on a boy in her class named Kento Hinode. She is very open about her crush on him and conveys it whenever she has the chance. However, she is constantly ignored and rejected by him.

However, what Hinode doesn’t know is that she is also a cat that he calls “Tarou”. How does Muge turn into a cat? She does it by putting on a mask that she got from a mask seller!

Muge uses her second identity as Tarou to get close to Hinode and receive his love, even if he doesn’t know that Tarou is actually Muge.

One day when Muge saw that Hinode was feeling very upset and depressed, she decided to write a letter to cheer him up. However, her letter was snatched by some bullies and read to the entire class aloud. Hinode, in a fit of embarrassment, straight out says that he hates Muge, which hurts Muge.

And with that, Muge decides that she is better off being a cat instead of a human because at least Hinode loves her as a cat. After deciding that, Muge loses her human mask, which is then promptly snatched up by a mask merchant. After losing her human mask, Muge can not longer turn back into a human, she is stuck as a cat unless she can get her human mask back.

To make matters worse, Muge realizes that a cat has taken her human mask! And it’s not just any random cat. It’s Muge’s stepmother’s beloved cat, Kinako. Kinako realizes that she is nearing the end of her life and decides to take Muge’s human mask to stay by Muge’s stepmother longer.

But the people around this new “Muge” realize that she is acting very strange. Almost like she isn’t “Muge” at all…

Well, Kinako realizes how much Muge’s stepmother loved her as a cat and decides to become a cat again.

Kinako tells Hinode about the whole situation around the cat and human masks and asks him to help get Muge back before she fully transforms into a cat.

However, the mask seller (a very sus cat) doesn’t let Kinako give the human mask back by taking Muge away before Kinako can get to her.

In the end, all the resentful cats that the mask seller turned into cats came to the rescue and Muge was finally able to turn into a human again!

She and Hinode confess their feelings for each other and become a couple!! Yay!


I very very briefly summarized the movie, but I really recommend that you watch it because there is so much more that goes on in this movie! This movie tackles a lot of important themes such as tense family divorces. Plus, the cats are so cute, especially tiny Muge :3

The OSTs for this movie is also very good. They made good use of the OSTs throughout the movie!

This movie is definitely worth a watch, I love it a lot.

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