Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition **Spoiler**

“Single father Kakushi Goto has a secret. He’s a top-selling artist of popular erotic manga, but his impressionable young daughter, Hime, can never find out! Now he’s having to bend over backwards just to keep her inquisitive little mind from discovering what he does for a living. A father-daughter tale of love and laughter.”


I was expecting a slice of life comedy anime, but this show was more than that. Each episode was like an emotional roller coaster ride. It will make you laugh and cry! The animation for me fitted the anime perfectly and I love the OST, especially the opening song.

I love their father daughter relationship throughout the show. Kakushi Gotou is a great father and husband. After what happened to his wife, he truly did whatever he could to make sure his daughter feels loved and is happy growing up. Although Hime is only like nine years old, she is a very understanding daughter. She knows her dad works hard and especially being a single parent, he might be stressed out supporting this family. In one of the episodes, Hime wasn’t sure should she go to a friend’s birthday party because she was worried if she goes to their birthday party she would need to invite them to hers. At such a young age, she already figured out that throwing a birthday party might be too much work for his dad alone and was planning to refuse it. However, Goto-Sensei quickly refute her and let her know he got everything under control that he will throw her the best party ever too, and have another small party where it is just the two of them celebrating as usual. Besides this scene there are a lot more heartwarming moments between them that move your heart.

The author and the director did such a good job playing with our mind and heart too. Every ep it ends with the most depressing cliffhanger that keeps us guessing why is Hime sad? What happened to Goto-Sensei? I started out guessing maybe he passed away, then through the hints I start guessing maybe a big event happened that caused him to quit his job and maybe left Hime to someone else to take care of her.

We didn’t know the complete truth till the very last episode and the last episode hit me hard. It was a beautiful episode that was heartwarming and made me even cry a little. I am glad it was a happy ending because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t know how long it will take to recover from this depression.

The anime is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t. You can check out the full series on Funimation

Thank you for reading!

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