Neru: Announcement (Please read)

I know what is going around the world right now, and I want everyone to know that I support the Black Lives Matter movement. No matter what race or sexuality you are, AniToko is a safe place for you.

If I ever write something that is offensive, please please please bring it up with me, and I will do my best to fix it.

I know this is an anime blog, but this is very important because it’s about the real world. Please talk to me if you have a problem with me posting this.

I know that these times are tough, especially with the pandemic and then the protests, but please stay safe. Do your part! If you can, please donate to organizations specifically for these causes! If not, then sign petitions and spread awareness! No matter how small or big your following is, you can still spread awareness and make a difference!

If you are going to protests, remember to protect yourself and the people around you. Do not go alone, always go with a group of people! Cover all distinct parts of your body (tattoos, colorful hair, etc) and wear plain clothes (that allows you to blend in with the crowd eg. plain black t-shirt).

Bring food and water with you at all times! Remember to also bring a first aid kit, because it’ll come in handy when things get rough.

Here’s a link that will tell you all the ways you can help out! Please click on that link and check it out. Signing petitions and whatnot do not take a lot of time. Please. Please. Please sign those petitions.

Do not stay silent! Use your voice to spread awareness. It doesn’t matter where you live because these issues are most likely also present in your country. So please, do not stay silent and help raise awareness of this issue.

On behalf on AniToko, I hope you guys are well and please stay safe.

Thank you for reading this announcement.

– Neru

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