Argonavis Ep. 4 (Spoilers)

With Argonavis fully formed, what will be their next step?

With Yuuto leading the group, the boys of Argonavis put together their goal- to perform at the Destiny Rock festival.

But before performing at such a popular festival, the boys have to hold their debut show. And this is what this episode is about – Argonavis’s debut show.

During a meeting with his bandmates, Yuuto discussed his ideas of their debut.

Wataru and Rio wrote and composed their new song, Steady Goes, so that’s all set.

Yuuto already has a venue that is willing to partner with them. So that is set.

Now what they’re missing is their audience. The venue they partnered with is asking for 10 audience members per person performing. In Argonavis’s case, they need 50 people to go to their show. That sounds easier than done.

Argonavis sked as many people as possible. Ren even went around handing out fliers to strangers in hopes that someone will be interested in going to their show.

As Ren starts to give up hope, someone actually picks up his flier!

Who is that person though? It’s Gyroaxia’s manager.

In this episode, we meet a new band called Gyroaxia. We are officially introduced to two members, Nayuta (vocalist) and Kenta (guitarist). Kenta is also Wataru’s older brother (they have different last names though). This raises many questions regarding Wataru and Yuuto’s relationship with Gyroaxia, but none of them were answered in this episode.

Flash forward to debut day, all of Argonavis are ready to perform, but nobody shows up. All of the people that agreed to go to the show didn’t show up, each giving an excuse to not go.

If Argonavis don’t get 50 attendees, they would have to pay the rental fees out of their own pockets, and that is a hefty sum. And that extremely discouraged Argonavis.

However, Gyroaxia’s manager showed up. And despite everything that happened, Argonavis still put on a show for Gyroaxia’s manager.

At the end of the episode, Wataru receives a call from someone, asking for Argonavis to open for Gyroaxia’s show.


This. This is the reason why I love this anime so much. Argonavis is so realistic it hurts. It shows the harsh reality of what new bands have to face, and it hurt so much to watch their hopeful faces just fall. But this is their reality, and I’m very impressed that the anime shows that.

AP season is descending upon us! Unfortunately that means that I also have to go prepare for them… So I might not be able to write as much as I had originally hoped. I will be taking a 2 week break from posting to study and take my exams! I will come back after AP exams are over, though! Good luck to everyone who has to take them! Stay safe everyone!

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