Argonavis Ep. 3 (Spoilers)

Last time, we left off at the group needing a drummer. So this episode will be focused on finding their drummer! Let’s go!

In the beginning of this episode, the group is discussing the future of their band. However, they realize that they’re missing a drummer. So, Rio brings up a video from a powerful drummer called “Super Drummer BS”. After watching his videos, the entire group concluded that they should scout for this “Super Drummer”.

However, before that, the boys met up at Submariner and the cafe’s boss told the group that they had a drummer call him. Apparently, the drummer wants to join the band.

But after meeting the drummer and hearing about his motives for joining the band, Wataru and Rio decided that they didn’t want such unpure motives to misguide the band. So collectively, they reject the drummer, aka Banri. Banri’s motives for joining their band were for the money and fame…

After agreeing to reject Banri, the group continues to look for the super drummer.

As Rio and Ren search different music venues, Rio comes across a post saying that Super Drummer BS likes to challenge other drummers for studio fees. Whoever wins gets to stay at the studio for free while the loser has to pay and leave. And as Rio points out, Super Drummer BS has yet to lose.

After finding out the studio that Super Drummer BS challenges in, Rio and Ren goes to look for him.

As they peek through the window by the door, they realize that this super drummer is… Banri?!

After finding out that the super drummer is Banri, Rio decides to give up on getting him to join the band, after all, Rio has pretty negative opinions on Banri’s motives.

But Ren doesn’t give up. Ren tries to learn the drums to challenge Banri to the drumming challenge.

However, he realizes how hard it is to drum and his view of Banri changes.

Ren takes Banri to a nearby dock where they speak heart to heart for the first time. Here we finally get to see what Banri’s real motives are – his family.

Ren drags Banri back to Submariner where his other band members are waiting.

There, Banri announces that he gives up on joining the band and proceeds to leave, however, the owner of Submariner challenges him to a drumming battle and Banri agrees.

After Banri performs and showcases his skills, everybody was at awe. Even though his skills were a bit rough around the edges, everyone could agree that Banri’s drumming has power behind it.

There, Rio extends the offer to let Banri join the band and everybody agrees. Banri finally joins the band as the 5th member and drummer!

After Banri joins, Banri takes them to his family’s farm.

There, everybody sees the stars that can’t be seen in the city. They also get to see the place that they will be practicing at – Banri’s family farm.

Right before the end, Wataru comes up with their group name. Named after a constellation, the new band is called “Argonavis”.


AHHHH I’m super excited to meet Gyroaxia in the next episode! This episode was super exciting! I’m a beginner when it comes to drumming so I know how hard it is to learn (I feel you Ren. It’s really hard). I really love how Argonavis portrays the hardships of forming a band. I also love the meaning behind the band name, I really look forward to the next episode!

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