Drama Throwback: Train to Busan

uh. Slight trigger warning? idk zombies might trigger something. And spoiler alert!

A movie about a zombie apocalypse? Check! A melodrama? Check! A movie that puts viewers on the edge of their seats? Check!

Train to Busan really has so many elements that make it a good movie.

Train to Busan is about a fund manager, who is taking his daughter to Busan to see his ex-wife. However, at the same time, a zombie apocalypse starts, and someone who was infected got on the train that they were on. Which pretty much starts a chain reaction. Someone gets bitten, they turn into a zombie, and it just keeps going on and on and on.

And it starts with this unfortunate attendant who tried to help the first infected person.

Eventually pretty much everybody on the train gets infected. And it’s not just the people on the train, people outside the train get infected as well.

Then we meet the people who tried their hardest to fight for their survival.

A baseball player, the manager for his baseball team (who also has a crush on the athlete), an expecting mother and her husband, and a father and daughter pair.

After being kicked off their first train, all the survivors tried running for the exit, to get out of the station as soon as possible. However, they realized that the military that was supposed to protect them were all infected and so everybody (or tried to) ran back to the station to board the train again. However, not everybody made it. In fact, only maybe about 20 made it on the train uninfected. However, the baseball player, husband, and father were all left behind trying to close the door at the station. They managed to board the train through the skin of their teeth.

blood looks kind of like ketchup or something lol

But they soon realized that everybody else were at train cars way in the front. A group of survivors (baseball manager in that group too) in the first car, the wife and daughter and 2 others in the 9th car, and the trio in the 13th car.

The trio fought hard to get to the front. Figuring out that zombies can’t see without light, which they take advantage of.

They fought pretty much every zombie in their way, including the poor baseball player’s own teammates.

Eventually they made it to the 9th car, and together they made their way carefully to the first car.

In the first car, however, were selfish people, who thought only of themselves. So when the group made their way to the first car, the people in that car refused to let them in, saying that the survivors were infected. After the long tug-of-war fight, the survivors finally made it into the first car. However, they lost the husband (who was holding the zombies back) and an old grandma (who didn’t make it to the door on time).

The group that barely managed to get to the first car were forced out into a corridor that was empty between the very front and the first car.

And remember the old grandma who lost her life because the selfish people refused to open the door? Her sister was in the first car, and opened the door to join her sister, causing everybody in the first car to lose their lives as well. The only survivors remaining were the group that entered the corridor and two other individuals that managed to hide in the bathroom on time.

However, the train was forced to stop at a station before Busan due to a wreck on the tracks. The conductor told everybody to carefully get off and move to the left most track.

As the survivors get off, they barely even managed to get across the first track with another train barrels right into them. In the other train were zombies. A whole lot of them.

The father found a way out of the train, but a train window broke, freeing a bunch of zombies from that car. A homeless man who was with that group sacrificed himself so the expecting mother and the daughter can make it out safely.

And on the other side, the baseball player and manager got on an empty train to get across to the very left track.. However, before the managed to open the door, the most selfish man on earth climbs on, bringing a zombie with in. He tosses the manager into the zombie’s way before breaking the door open and escaping. The manager gets infected and the baseball player, who was heartbroken, stayed with the manager and also dies.

The selfish man makes his way to the left, twisting his ankle while he was running from zombies. The conductor, a good person, sees this and goes down from the moving train to help. The selfish man throws the conductor towards the zombie group and runs onto the train.

The father, expecting wife, and the daughter (wife not related to the father and daughter btw. she’s the wife of the man that died back on the train). Runs for the train and barely manages to climb onto the train. A whole chain on zombies managed to get on the railing and the father pries them off.

They make their way to the conductor’s seat and sees the selfish man sitting there, almost infected. He reaches to them for help before losing his control and turning into a zombie. He reaches for the father, who pushes the wife and daughter away before fighting the zombie. He gets bitten before he pushed the zombie off the train.

He pushes the wife and his daughter into the conductor’s seat before explaining how to operate the train. He then gives his daughter one final huge before prying her hands off of them. He goes outside and away from the two in the front.

As he fights against the infection, he remembers the birth of his daughter and how happy he was when she was born.

Before he fully turns into a zombie, he throws himself off the train to protect the wife and his daughter.

After a while, the wife and daughter arrive at Busan. They get off the train and walk through a dark tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, are military officers keeping an eye out on the tunnel to ensure that zombies don’t get in,

They get permission to shoot because they were unable to tell if the pair were survivors or not. That was until they heard the daughter singing. She sang the song that she had prepared for her father, a song he was never able to hear. The officers hear her singing and realize that they were survivors and rushed officers out to help them. The end. 🙂


I really think I’m starting to get into melodrama. First Scarlet Heart Ryeo, now Train to Busan. What’s next?

Train to Busan really brought me to tears more than once. Each time someone someone from the small group of survivors die, I cry. The death that shook me the most would definitely be the father’s. The way his daughter cried for him, begging him to not go really struck me. I started crying when she started crying. No joke.

I was watching this with my siblings too, and they also started crying so hard. I wasn’t the only one.

Train to Busan was not as scary as I thought it was though. There weren’t as many jump scares as I had expected, but it was gruesome.

I really look forward to the second Train to Busan. If the first one was so memorable, the second one will no doubt be amazing!

Ok this post was super long and the summary barely touched on the details, so I definitely recommend that you watch the movie! And if you’ve watched it before, what did you think of it?

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