Argonavis Ep. 2 (Spoilers!)

And we’re back! Episode 2 of Argonavis! We left off at Yuuto and Wataru asking Ren to join their band as a vocalist. And then at the very end, showed a mysterious pianist. Let’s see how Yuuto and Wataru make Ren and this pianist to join their band!

This episode starts off with the mysterious pianist playing a song at school during the night. Yuuto happens to walk by and was captivated by the music. He walks into the room and accidentally kicks a broom, which prompts the pianist to stop playing.

Yuuto tells the pianist how amazing he is. And the pianist responds to him, telling Yuuto that he has been regarded as a genius since he was little.

The next day, we are at Submariner with Wataru and Ren. Wataru is writing lyrics to a song!

We then get to know the cafe owner better. His cafe’s name, Submariner, was the name of his old band!

Then, the group of 3 goes to meet the pianist at his place. However, Wataru seems to dislike the idea of having the pianist join. Why?

Apparently, the genius pianist is the infamous Kikyou Rio, a rumored circle destroyer.

Wataru gets angry, saying that Rio isn’t serious about anything he does, and that any hobbies that Rio does is just a replacement for baseball. Wataru storms off and is followed by Yuuto and Ren.

Yuuto understands Wataru’s anger and decides to not have Rio join their band. However, Ren has other plans.

Ren snatches the lyric book from Wataru’s backpack and runs to go find Rio.

Ren finds Rio at a batting center, where Rio is aggressively swinging at baseballs.

Here, Rio and Ren have a serious talk about their band.

When Rio was in high school, he loved baseball. His team even made it to Koushien (the nationals). However, Rio got injured and his team lost on the first round. His right arm couldn’t be returned to its original condition so he had to quit baseball. Ever since then, Rio has been trying to find an activity that can fire him up as much as baseball.

Ren feels the same way. He fears that Wataru and Yuuto are more serious about the band that he is and he’s afraid that he’s going to be a burden to the two. However, Rio has helped him realize that it was ok to be a burden.

Just like how Ren helped Rio join the band, Rio also helped Ren get the courage to join the band!

Ren hands Rio Wataru’s lyrics, hoping that Rio will help them compose a song.

In the end, Rio realizes that the band could, indeed, fire him up and he decides to join.

In the end, the 4 of them (plus Submariner’s owner) performs the new song that Rio composed, “Goal Line”.


I’m really glad that Argonavis shows the realistic feelings of making a band. Each character has fears about joining something that they might not be serious in, and I’m really happy they choose to show that.

This episode really shows the backstory behind the rumors of Rio.

In someways, Rio is similar to Ren. Both of them are in search of the feeling that they’re missing. And they helped each other find that feeling.

in the next episode, the 4 of them will be getting their drummer! And apparently, the drummer is amazing too!

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