Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited Ep. 2 (Spoilers)

We’re back to our favorite detective pair, Haru and Daisuke. But what happens this time?

This time, Haru and Daisuke are chasing after drug dealers!

But things take a weird turn when it involves celebrities and this pretty black haired lady.

This is their suspect, a big time celebrity who has a whole bunch of connections to other celebrities.

Haru and Daisuke (plus Haru’s friend, a freelance entertainment journalist) follow after that celebrity for days.

That is… before Haru tails a pretty black haired lady that has been seen around their suspect many times.

But wait. Haru was tailing her alone. Why is Daisuke also there?

Turns out, this pretty lady is Kanbe Suzue. And by the last name, we can infer that she is somehow related to Daisuke (his last name is also Kanbe).

Suzue has also been gathering information on that celebrity suspect and has gotten a good amount of important information on him.

However, Haru, being super hot headed, decided to deal with things himself. He goes into the hotel that the suspects are at and steals his phone, which contains all the important data and transfers that the suspects have.

As Haru tries to run with the phone, he and his journalist friend runs to the roof, where they are trapped.

But! Daisuke and Suzue comes to the rescue! Daisuke shoots a whole bunch of some type of gas into the building and knocks everyone out. Including Haru…

But they managed to arrest the suspects! Yay!

Then… Haru confronts Daisuke. And Daisuke brings to light the reason why Haru was demoted from Division 1. Turns out, Haru mishandled his gun on a case and ended up wounding a suspect. After that, Haru has not been able to wield a gun.

But what happens after is even funnier. Haru gets sent on a case to Hong Kong. And guess who’s going with him! Yup, it’s Daisuke!

End of episode 2!

Thoughts on Episode 2:

Highlight of episode 2? Definitely Suzue. She’s so pretty and smart. Wow, the Kanbe bloodline has it good.

I also like how they include the amount of money spent by Daisuke at the end of each episode. It’s crazy the amount of money he spends in each episode. But his bank balance is always unlimited so… it must be really nice, huh, Daisuke?

Also in this episode, Daisuke tries instant noodles for the first time during their stake out. And guess what? The next day, he creates his own instant noodle company. That’s so funny omg.

Well this is the end of my review. There’s going to be an indefinite hiatus starting episode 3 due to the pandemic, so we’ll have to be patient!

Feel free to check out the other spring anime in the mean time though! They’re all worth a watch!

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