July Found By Chance

Ever heard of the popular Korean drama “Extraordinary You”?

If you haven’t don’t worry! You can totally check it out after reading this post! It’s super good!

July Found By Chance is the webtoon that Extraordinary You was based on!

This webtoon is about Dan-Oh, a girl with terminal illness who realized that she was a character inside a comic. And she hates that. So, obviously she fights back. Or tries to.

How should I put this. Dan-Oh is not the main character of the comic that she is in. In fact, she’s a side character that barely has a role, other than being a student with terminal illness and another character’s fiancee. Except her fiancee doesn’t like her at all. So there’s that haha.

Instead of giving in, Dan-Oh becomes proactive, trying very hard to change her future. And this is where Haru comes in! Haru was just a side character without a name. But after meeting Dan-Oh, he was given a name, and awareness. And according to another character who is self-aware, that destroys the flow of the comic. Scary…

Well anyways, a bunch of things happen such as: Haru losing his self-awareness and forgetting Dan-Oh, Dan-Oh herself losing her self-awareness, and a bunch more other stuff that makes this webtoon super interesting.


The webtoon is still ongoing, surprisingly. But the drama is completed! Personally, I enjoyed the drama more than the webtoon, but that’s just me. Both versions are very similar and are super interesting. I just loved Rowoon and his acting with Hye-Yoon. I really got the original Haru and Dan-Oh vibe from them.

ALSO! Their height difference is HUGE!

Rowoon oh my god.

This webtoon/drama is super intersting. Since it’s not everyday we discover a webtoon/drama about a comic character defying fate!

3 thoughts on “July Found By Chance

  1. Where did you read the webtoon because I found the art styles, the one that appears on the kdrama and the other kinda like softie that is in the first photo of the post.


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