Argonavis Ep. 1 (Spoilers!)

Argonavis is one of the only anime that I really looked forward to in the Spring 2020 lineup (other than Fugou Keiji). I’ve been following the AASide project ever since it began (starting from the announcement of the first band, Argonavis). And I was very hyped for every AASide announcement there was! Now here’s my (very biased) recap and review of the first episode of Argonavis from BanG Dream!

The anime begins with Ren dreaming of his goal, to be able to find the feeling that he got after attending a live festival when he was a kid. It shows Ren as a child.

And then it shows the shadowed faces of a band onstage. That shadowed band on stage, is in fact, Ren’s future band (I recognized Ren’s scarf and Rio’s jacket haha). And if you were curious what song they were singing, it was “Goal Line”.

However, Ren wakes up from his dream and realizes that he was in the middle of class.

We then meet Wataru and Yuuto, two bandmates who are looking for a vocalist. They’re talking about a mini live they’re holding and go to a karaoke place to relieve some stress.

However, right after they walked out, somebody walks in and his attention was captured by the notice that Yuuto had just placed up moments before.

At the karaoke place, Wataru and Yuuto met Ren, who is going to sing alone. When Yuuto walks by Ren’s room, he realizes that Ren is the vocalist that he and Wataru has been searching for.

Wataru and Yuuto tried super hard to convince Ren to join their band. But Ren kept on refusing.

To try one last time, Wataru hands Ren a business card for a live cafe that Wataru and Yuuto performs at and tells Ren to come check out their performance. Ren says he would think about it, but it’s hinted that he wouldn’t go.

Flash forward to the evening, Ren was on his bed watching a band perform.

As he watches that band perform, he starts remembering what Wataru and Yuuto said to him earlier and he starts subconsciously smiling, which makes him realized that they are also what he was looking for. He runs to the cafe and does a impromptu performance with Wataru and Yuuto. At the end of the episode, Ren says that he will think about Yuuto’s offer to join their band.

Then at the very very end, we meet a mysterious pianist. Aka, Wataru, Yuuto, and Ren’s next target.

I wonder how they will get him to join their band *thinking emoji*

It was also announced that all 5 bands will be featured in the anime (check out my AASide post for more details on each band) and I look forward to seeing how each character will interact with each other!


I really like the 3D style that the animators used for this anime, reminds me a lot of Bandori GBP (Girls’ Band Party). This episode surprised me a bit. I didn’t expect Ren to have the tendency to run out of situations owo. And I thought it would be Ren who is forming a band, not Yuuto and Wataru. But that fact really made them different than GBP. I look forward to watching Argonavis come together, and I definitely look forward to their new songs!

Also, Wataru was a huge cutie throughout the entire episode. His very subtle :3 face throughout the episode was so cute. And Yuuto’s outbursts is very different from how I had initially imagined him. But that really gives the band energy. I love how all the members for Argonavis are going to have wildly different personalities, but in the end they really get the band together and working.

What I’m kind of disappointed about is what the bandori girls and bandori boys won’t interact at all. I would love it if the girls can interact with the boys and share ideas. Like how about a Poppin’ Party x Argonavis live? Or Tae and Yuuto exchanging guitar tips? That would be super cool and I really want to see that happen 😦 too bad it won’t hahaha.

I also wonder whether or not I should use the characters’ names even though they weren’t formally introduced. Would that be considered a major spoiler??

Anyways, this is probably the first anime series that I will do a review for every episode so I hope you guys look forward to that ahahaha

Argonavis episode reviews/recaps will be posted a week after the original episode airs, that way you guys can have time to check it out before this post comes out and spoils anything! Enjoy!

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