Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited Ep. 1 (Spoilers)

Ah, yes. The long awaited spring anime.

Ok I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this anime as much as I was for Argonavis. One being that Daisuke Kanbe being an arrogant person with a terrible personality. (I like Haru more than Daisuke)

But anyways. So we start off episode 1 with Haru, a detective who has been demoted from Division 1.

He was given a small job to ensure safety during a parade and he goes with his partner.

There, he realizes that his former colleagues are there, which means trouble. Apparently there was a bomb located near the parade and the officers have to locate it.

Then Haru meets Daisuke during a car accident. It was a pretty unpleasant meeting…

At the same time, two people are going to commit robbery. They look at all the jewelry stores and chose the most expensive looking one. However, they walk in and realize that they walked into a store that sells chocolate…

Being caught with a gun, the two hop into a nearby vehicle, not knowing that it has the bomb inside of it. They drive off and that prompts an all out police chase.

Anyways, Daisuke takes a car from a prince??? Paying him a huge sum of money (this is the first time we get to know the amount of money Daisuke actually has. There’s a reason why this anime is called “Balance: Unlimited”…) He takes the car and starts to chase after the vehicle. Haru leaps into the seat beside him and together they go!

They corner the vehicle by a bridge and Daisuke proceeds to try to push the vehicle off the bridge. Haru couldn’t stand to watch Daisuke do that and hops out the car to get the two robbers out of the car.

After getting them out, the truck falls into the water below the bridge and explodes. But where’s Haru?

Ah, he was hanging off the side of the bridge. And the only sensible action that Daisuke can do is help Haru up right?? Wrong! Daisuke watches Haru there with a smirk on his face. And Haru, losing strength, drops into water below.

Then the next day, Haru goes back to the office. And guess what? Daisuke walks in! Haru’s superior officer greets Daisuke, who is apparently now in the same division as Haru. What will happen to these two enemies?


Fugou Keiji wasn’t bad But one thing I don’t like is obviously Daisuke’s attitude. But I mean, it was an action packed episode, and was pretty fun to watch. I watched it with some friends and we were having a blast. I’m really excited to see how this anime will progress! We’ll see how this rich detective will work with the demoted detective!

Episode 2 is out already so if you’re interested please go check it out!


Starting from episode 3, Fugou Keiji will be on hiatus due to the pandemic. This is for the safety of the staff and seiyuu working on this project.

On behalf on AniToko, I hope you guys are staying healthy. I will continue to regularly write posts to keep my (and hopefully some of our readers’) mind off of the stressful events happening outside of the safety of our houses. Please stay safe!

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