God-Level Summoner

God-Level Summoner is an amazing gaming novel. And what interests me even more, is how the author includes BL into it. Not only does God-Level Summoner have intense gaming moments, but it also includes many romantic scenes too!

This novel is about Li CangYu, a god-level esports player without a god-level team to support him. He returns to the Miracle League after many years to fight for the championship.

God-Level Summoner really stresses the fact that an individual cannot get anywhere without a good team besides them. Li CangYu is a good example of that. He is an amazing esports player, however, he doesn’t have a team that can play well with him. Therefore when he reenters the Miracle League, his first objective is to find a good team that can work well with him.

This is Li CangYu’s journey from zero to one!

As for the BL part, there are multiple couples in GLS. There’s the main pair, with Li CangYu in it, and 3 others with other esports players. All of them are male couples so >///<

They’re all super unique with different dynamics and I find them super refreshing especially because not one of them are the same. The author also makes the pairing pretty obvious when you meet the characters, so that’s a plus (if you don’t want to guess who the pairs are). There are also chapters dedicated to each pair, so it helps build character and makes the relationships rounder.

Thoughts on God-Level Summoner:

I really like the concept of this novel. As a huge fan of The King’s Avatar and BL, God-Level Summoner is a treasure. I really love how even God Li CangYu loses once in a while. He’s written as a powerful esports figure but in the end he is still human and still loses. And that really makes the novel more realistic. There is also a lot of growth in this novel. The new players that Li CangYu roped into the team aren’t perfect and have their own personalities. This novel also includes how each of the players in Li CangYu’s team grow up to become the great esports player they are at the end of the novel.

This novel is a bit on the shorter side so it doesn’t drag on a whole lot. There are also some suuuuper cute moments with the couples!

God-Level Summoner is part of a trilogy but each book can be read alone without reading the prior one.

God-level Summoner is the 2nd book in the triology! The 1st one is The Strongest God and the 3rd one is The King’s Return.

Characters from The King’s Return have cameos in God-Level Summoner but they don’t play much of a significant role so it’s fine if you haven’t read The Strongest God before!

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