Lady Baby

Reincarnation manhwas are always a breath of fresh air. Most of them are about redemption or revenge. And that’s what Lady Baby is about.

Calliope (Lippe) is the daughter of a duke’s family. However, her family fell into ruin starting with the death of her father. After her father’s death, one by one, her two brothers fell, bringing the household with them. Soon, her entire family died, and she was left all alone. In front of her family’s grave, she sang a song, a song of her anger. A fairy heard the song and asked Lippe to sing more. In exchange, the fairy granted Lippe a second chance at her life.

baby Lippe and her father ❤

In her second attempt to make her family happy, Lippe becomes a super mature baby. She is very focused on the future and what happened in her past life. She started speaking at such a young age, her family thought she was a genius. She was a very mature child, setting her apart from all the other children. But that gathered a lot of enemies too. Many of the noble ladies started to target Lippe and her family because of Lippe’s sharp tongue.

However, Lippe has made quite a good amount of friends! Her brothers are super protective of her though, so it’s hard for her to be with any of them hahaha. Hal (Lippe calls him Brother Hal) is one of them. Her brothers absolutely refuse to let Hal into their house, that’s how protective they are.

Lippe and Brother Hal ❤

This manhwa is a romance one believe it or not!

This is the male lead! He is the son of Duke Castillo. And whew, he is a whole package. Although he and Lippe started out on the wrong foot, I can see how much he cares about Lippe. Even running in to stop a lady from slapping Lippe, how awesome! (I don’t remember his first name soo…)


Thoughts on Lady Baby:

Lady Baby is super cute, I really love reading it. I look forward to watching how Lippe grows because we must not forget that she’s trying to stop her family from falling into ruin. I also look forward to seeing more interactions between Lippe and her male lead. They’re going to be super cute!!

Manhwa: Lady Baby

Author/Illustrator: Juhyeon (author) & Pingmin (Illustrator)

Side Note from Neru:

Please stay safe guys 😦 Remember to take care of yourselves!

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