Welcome Ep. 1-2 Recap (Spoilers!)

A new drama!

This drama is about a cat who can turn into a human!

Kim Sol-Ah is an aspiring webtoon creator who works as a graphic designer. And one day, her crush gives her a cat, Hong-Jo to take care of because his ex-girlfriend won’t take care of him. However, Sol-Ah doesn’t know that Hong-Jo can turn into a human.

This drama is a cute rom-com drama, and I’m excited to see where this drama is headed!

Episode one starts out with Kim Sol-Ah and her friend Go Do-Shik talking about Sol-Ah’s longtime crush, Lee Jae-Sun. Jae-Sun has recently broken up with his girlfriend Lee Ru-Bi and has opened a cafe.

Sol-Ah has worked up her courage to go visit his cafe when suddenly, Lee Ru-Bi comes in a drops off Jae-Sun’s cat, Sergei, because she can’t take care of him anymore. However, Jae-Sun is allergic to cats and can’t take care of Sergei. So Sol-Ah offers to take Sergei in. (Sergei was Hong-Jo’s name before Sol-Ah changed it).

However, Sol-Ah hates cats, saying that they disappear whenever they want. So why did she take in Sergei? Probably because nobody else would. Or maybe for Jae-Sun?

In episode two, Sol-Ah’s father collapses and nobody is at home but Sergei. Sergei turns into a human and brings her father outside, where the security guard then calls the ambulance. However, when the security guard looks back, he doesn’t see a person. He sees a cat.

Sol-Ah goes to the hospital and figures out that her dad is sick. She then meets the woman that her dad is interested in. Her dad was going to move to the countryside with that woman to take care of his health. Which makes Sol-Ah remember the morning she yelled at her dad for selling their apartment without consulting her.

She is then seen walking towards a park with Sergei following behind her in his human form.

She sits down at a bench and he sits down next to her, making her think that he was Jae-Sun. She spills everything to Sergei, thinking that he was Jae-Sun, but when she received a call from Jae-Sun, she turned around to look and saw Sergei (cat form) next to her.

Jae-Sun tells her that he’s uncomfortable with letting Sol-Ah take care of Sergei and informs her that he is looking for someone to adopt Sergei (noooooo).

The episode ends with Sol-Ah going to sleep and Sergei next to her, saying that Sol-Ah makes him turn into a human.


When I watched Welcome’s promotional trailer, I couldn’t get over how cute Hong-Jo/Sergei is. His cat form is so cute! So beautiful T^T

That was the main reason why I decided to watch this drama. However, now that i’ve watched the first and second episode, I realize that there is more to this drama than just a cute kitty. I wonder how Hong-Jo is going to hide his human form from Sol-Ah… because his human form is more convenient for getting things done but his cat form is the only form that can be close with Sol-Ah.

I also hope that Jae-Sun lets Sol-Ah keep Hong-Jo. Don’t take him away from her, Jae-Sun!

Ahhh, I really look forward to how this drama will go. I’m very curious as to how Hong-Jo and Sol-Ah’s relationship will grow. And how Jae-Sun and Sol-Ah’s relationship would end up hehehe.

Awwwhhhh it’s Hong-Jo!!

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