Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

This post contains spoiler!

Would you sacrifice your bright future for love?

Tan Ning, a potential supermodel, sacrificed everything for the person she loved. She even allowed him to freeze all her events because of such love.

However, that doesn’t mean that she is a docile person. In fact, she is the complete opposite of that.

Tan Ning was going to get married with that guy who almost ruined her bright future. But he never showed up, so she randomly picked up a guy who was also at the Civil Affairs office to get married. However, like her, that random guy was also ditched by his partner. And there, the legendary couple was formed.

The man Tan Ning picked up was Mo Ting, the CEO of Hai Rui. Imagine that. ahahahah

Together, Tan Ning and Mo Ting will work together to dominate the entertainment industry.

This novel was such a fun read. To me, it was super satisfying to see all the wrongdoers get a taste of their own medicine. Tan Ning is a fair person. As long as a person doesn’t go against her, she won’t go against them. Mo Ting is the same thing. He may be a domineering CEO, but at home, he’s a whole softie. These two are such a cute couple >///<

This novel talks about life in the entertainment industry, and it’s super real. From the power of netizens to the actions of rivals, this novel talks about it all. Both in the real world and in the novel’s world, netizens hold a lot of power above a celebrity. And the power of a rival. If a popular star wants to go against anaother star, what methods do you think they will use? Any method possible no matter how low it is right?

If you’re interested in the life of a celebrity in the entertainment industry, this novel is right for you. Trial Marriage goes from modelling to acting to managing, so if you want to understand what life is like in any of those positions, I recommend this novel to you!


This novel was a very fun read for me. I loved reading about how Tan Ning deals with her enemies. And there are so many cute moments between Tan Ning and Mo Ting kyaaaa >////<

There are so many real world problems written into this novel, I actually learned a thing or two from this novel.

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