Tower of God Ep. 1 Review (Spoilers!)

I must say, I expect a lot from this anime, especially because it’s such a popular webtoon.

This review is written by someone who hasn’t read the webtoon yet, so keep that in mind as you read this review!

First, I would like to start out with the opening, Top (Japanese Ver.) by Stray Kids. I did not expect the opening to be by Stray Kids. I like listening to their songs, and this took me by surprise. I didn’t expect Stray Kids to sing the opening. But the Japanese version sounds just as amazing as the Korean version! The opening was very fitting for the anime and it is super good!

Next, content!

The anime launches the viewers straight into the situation, without giving background information about the tower and the setting of the story. This made me quite confused since it begins with Bam, the main character, already at the tower. However, it does briefly talk about the levels and Bam’s motives for climbing the tower.

I was pretty confused with what was going on, but since it’s the first episode I hope the future episodes will explain more about Bam’s situation.

We got to meet some of Bam’s friends though! For example, we met Rachel

and Khun

and of course, Bam himself.

Bam is a man of little words, so it’s hard to imagine learning a lot about the Tower of God world from him. Hopefully, some of his companions like Khun will explain the situation to the viewers!

This episode was about Bam’s first battle with the steel eel.

In order to make it through to the second level, he needed to break a ball guarded by the steel eel. He borrows a sword from Princess Yuri and manages to make it to the second floor.

The second floor is a full out battle, the objective of that floor is to reduce the 400 people on that floor to 200. On that floor, we meet Khun, who demonstrates his strength by killing people. And the episode ends with Khun meeting Bam and Bam being targeted by 2 individuals.

Oh and Bam’s motives for climbing the tower was Rachel, who entered the tower to see the stars at the top.

Thoughts on Tower of God Ep. 1

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this anime, honestly. I haven’t read the webtoon or anything, so I wasn’t familiar with this world. (My friends all say that I should, so I will be spending some time reading it). However, even if I didn’t have previous knowledge on the webtoon, I still more or less expected the anime to set up the world and do some explanations on it. But the anime, I guess was rushed, and didn’t do that, which left me pretty confused.

But the animation was very good! It was super smooth and all the characters looked super awesome. The music was good too, especially the opening!

I look forward to what’s coming next on Tower of God! Maybe we’ll get more in depth understanding of the world of Tower of God!

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