Anime That Deserve a Second Season or a Remake

Ever watch an anime that doesn’t have a second season but is super good? How about an anime that has a super good manga/novel but isn’t done justice? Don’t worry! You’re definitely not the only one that feels that way!

Here are 5 anime that I believe should get a second season or remake!

1. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

This anime. is. so. good. It’s been such a long time since the anime came out, and it’s sad how there isn’t a second season for Mondaiji.

Mondaiji is about 3 problem children with psychic powers. They get an invitation into another world and there they have powers, or “gifts” as they call it. And basically, they try to overthrow the tyrants in that world.

This series was a super fun watch. It’s packed with humor and action. Also mystery about Izayoi’s gift. It was super fun to watch these problem children fight with other monsters. The light novel goes beyond the first season of the anime, and also explains Izayoi’s powers, which I definitely want to watch happen. More fun and excitement awaits with Mondaiji, and I hope that maybe. Maybe, It’ll come in the form of an anime.

2. Akatsuki no Yona

Ok. This anime may be a harem anime. But that doesn’t mean that it’s automatically not good. I promise you, this anime is packed with adventure and fight scenes.

Akatsuki no Yona is a story of a fallen princess who goes on a journey to bring justice to her nation. Along the way, she meets dragons, the people she was destined to lead. And together, they work to bring justice to the people of the nation that she cares very much for.

This series was such a fun anime to watch. However, the manga goes further than just the adventure and throws in a bunch of romance too! If anything, I really want to watch the confession scene that was part of the manga. I would also like to see a lot more character development with some of the characters since one season wasn’t able to develop a lot of them.

Confession scene! Confession scene!

3. No Game No Life

Gaming anime with a whole bunch of psychological warfare? Well sign me up. No Game No Life is an iconic gaming anime that involves mind blowing strategies to pass each game. None of the strategies are ever the same.

No Game No Life is a series about two gaming siblings, Sora and Shiro, who were taken from their world into another world. And what’s new about that world? In order to gain anything, you must play a game and win. And that’s exactly what Sora and Shiro are good at. Gaming.

This anime was super good. And I really wish for NGNL to get a second season. Especially because I read the light novels and the later games that they play are super intense and would be very nice to watch as an anime. I mean, they did get a movie but that was more of a past story than anything. So I hope to see more of the gaming duo in the future!

4. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland deserves a remake more than anything. The manga was so good, and the anime did not give it justice. The anime was super rushed and missed out on a lot of detail that the manga provides.

Deadman Wonderland is a series about a post-apocalyptic world. Ganta, the main character, was taken into a prison-carnival like place called Deadman Wonderland. Where he faced a death sentence. He meets a girl named Shiro and together they work to uncover the truth about Deadman Wonderland and about Ganta himself. There are more secrets within Deadman Wonderland than one can even imagine.

I remember reading the manga back in middle school and it was such a good series. When I watched the anime, I was just super disappointed by the way it ended and how rushed the anime seemed. Remake with better flow 😦 Deadman Wonderland had so much potential.

5. Angel Beats

When watching anime, one of the must watch anime would be Angel Beats.

Angel Beats is about pretty much the afterlife. Each person in that afterlife have to overcome a trauma(?) or an obstacle in order to reincarnate.

The way Angel Beats ended reminds me a bit of the way Scarlet Heart Ryeo ended. In Angel Beats, they reincarnated and reach out for each other just as the episode ends. This perfectly sets the series up for a second season about when they meet again in their next life, no? I mean, I definitely want to see what happens to each of the characters after they’ve reincarnated. :3

Eheheh, it has been years since I’ve last watched/read these series, so some details might be off. But this is what I mostly remember about each series hahahahaha

If you haven’t watched these series, you definitely need to give them a shot. They’re all super amazing!

5 thoughts on “Anime That Deserve a Second Season or a Remake

  1. Very interesting list there. Some of my picks would be Hikaru no Go (mainly the Hokuto Cup Arc), Shinesman, Children of the Whales, and Whistle. One anime that could really use a modern remake even though it’s been remade before would be Kimba the White Lion.

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