I Want To Be You, Just For A Day (Webtoon) – Review *Spoiler*

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The count’s daughter, Lady Psyche, is a soul loved by everyone. She easily gets anything she wants, and stole everything from me. I want to be her, just for a day.

Manga Update

Hello everyone! Thought I’d do a short review on new webtoons I’ve been reading!

I Want to Be You, Just For A Day Manga | Anime-Planet


I was expecting this webtoon to be a usual main girl switching body and getting everything back. However it was not as simple as it seems. Lady Psyche is a kind and soft person that everyone adores, and so does our Crown Prince Yialos who Lady Belial, our main character, liked. Belial is the opposite of Psyche, she plays the more villain or evil role but she has a strong characteristic. After an incident, they switched bodies and Lady Belial tortured Psyche by taking the things she has. Stories that start off going smooth usually does not go well. Just as Belial thought everything was going well, it turns out Yialos actually wants to kill her and sent assassins after her. I did not expect that coming cause I thought he was those gentlemen type prince, but instead he has a crazier side to him. We don’t know yet why he wants to kill her, but it’s getting interesting as the story goes. We also have Belial’s friend, Helio, who is helping Belial make Psyche adjust to her behaviors in Belial’s body. I feel like she’s becoming more and more like Belial. And Belial and Yialos would be a fit for each other in my opinion, they can both be quite evil and scheming owo

I recommend to give this a try if your interested in a romance webtoon with a little plot twist. Let me know if you liked it or not ^~^ Thank you for reading~

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