Project D4DJ

A new Bushiroad project!

Project Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ (shortened as D4DJ) is a rather new Bushiroad project that came out last year, and it’s finally gaining momentum.

D4DJ revolves around the world of DJs! I believe there are 6 groups of different DJs, all with different themes in their music. They do have their own individual group songs on top of doing covers!

I have high hopes for this project because the cast in D4DJ is top notch. This project managed to get super popular singers and voice actresses to voice their characters (such as Aimin, Hinahina, and O-Sae). Some of the other voice actresses are new, but from what I’ve seen from their concerts, they don’t seem new at all! They’re all so good, I’m so proud of them all.

D4DJ also has a game! It’s called D4DJ Groovy Mix. It’s a lot like Bandori, except players can’t play higher levels with 2 fingers anymore. However, it is very interesting to play and definitely a lot of fun! (I played their pilot version D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U, and it’s free to download!) I started out with their expert level, and I didn’t expect that the game would require 3 fingers to play. But their songs are very catchy, I liked them a lot!

The groups are Peaky P-Key, Rondo, Photon Maiden, Happy Around, Merm4id, and Lyrical Lily.

I’m not exactly sure of the plot of the story yet since I’m not very into this franchise yet, but I’ll try to dig up some more articles on them. Most of them are Japanese so it might take me a while to completely understand what’s going on. 🙂

This new project is (by my predictions) bound to be a successful one. I mean- they have Aimin and a whole bunch of other famous singers/VAs with roles, so their concerts won’t ever flop. Plus I’ve seen clips of their concerts and the crowd was also very hyped up. I’m excited to see how they’ll grow the franchise!

D4DJ has been confirmed a game and an anime, however the release date for the official game and anime have not been announced. But I would definitely recommend listening to the songs from each group (my fav one is from Rondo hehehe).

Oh one final note. This series/project is about DJs. And guess what? They have girls who can actually DJ (for their concerts)! isn’t that exciting?

How many of these girls do you recognize? Let me know below~

Update: Posts will be published more often due to the lockdown in my area. So now I have more time to write! See you again soon! Stay safe guys ❤

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