Ni Zhuan Ci Yuan : AI Jue Qi -Episode 1-3 Review

Ni Zhuan Ci Yuan : AI Jue Qi Trailer

Getting trapped in a game world, and hoping to become a champion of the game someday. Another Chinese animation similar to SAO you guys can check out!

We have two best friends living in a remote storage area! Xiao Lei is our smart and shy character, and our main character, Jiajie, who is like the typical energetic one. So they are living in a warehouse because Xiao Lei kind of ran away to chase after this gaming dream with Jiajie despite being a genius.

Jiajie has been keeping Xiao Lei from going abroad by winning money from game battle in hopes to pay off his tuition XD it was funny how he was like, ” Only 3 years have passed”, no big deal! (3 years?!) Xiao Lei is a great friend to abandon his bright future for Jiajie.

Out of nowhere, the device of Epoch headgear is delivered to them. In this game world, Jiajie was trying to join a sect, and he meets our female lead by pulling off her skirt…( Bad first impression right there owo)

Jiajie fails to find a sect, and this strange chairman offers him to join his clan, Sen Luo Hell. This is a very unique and strange sect, but what a welcoming party! Suddenly, Xiao Zhiyao, one of the top players in this game, comes and attempts to kill him, bringing the entire sect into ruins. Luckily, he was saved by the main female lead who is apparently Xiao Zhiyao’s disciple and searching for him. Everyone gets trapped in the game afterwards, and Jiajie gets recruited to her guild and joins their adventure.

This anime is starting off quite interesting overall, has comedy and great designs. There is probably a secret in the company that links to her master’s disappearance. I’m thinking he may own this epoch company and something has happened to him. But hopefully he is safe. Do check out this anime if you enjoy genres similar to this! Thank you for reading~

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