Drama Throwback: Love O2O

Love O2O is one of my favorite dramas of all time! Here’s why:

The novel was super well written. I couldn’t believe how descriptive it was! The drama and the novel really lived up to my expectations. From cuteness overload to intense action, both versions managed to encompass all aspects.

Love O2O is a romance drama about two gamers, who were originally a couple only in-game, but somehow became one in real life too (oh the dream.). This drama also includes Xiao Nai (the male lead) building a software company from scratch, and that builds a lot of tension and drama to the story.

The gaming aspect of this drama is beautiful. If you have watched The King’s Avatar drama (Ye Xiu and Xiao Nai share the same actor btw!), you should be familiar with how the actors also act as the in-game characters, right? Well in Love O2O, the drama also includes that! You can see Wei Wei (female lead) and Xiao Nai fighting side by side in their beautiful hanfu. Although it doesn’t seem realistic at times, the gaming part really adds humor and tension. Humor because you meed Xiao Nai’s buddies and they’re absolutely hilarious, and tension because of Wei Wei’s relationship with other characters.

The romance is SO cute! Like wow, sometimes it gives of some major second-hand embarrassment, but sometimes you just can’t help squealing because of Wei Wei and Xiao Nai. AHHHH

Another thing I really liked about this drama was definitely my best boy, YangYang. YangYang is so cute and totally fits into Xiao Nai’s character. Handsome, check! Cute smile, check! Deep voice? Check!

Zheng Shuang is the same. Although there are times where I questioned whether she fit the role of Wei Wei or not, she still pulls off the role almost flawlessly. Cute smile, check. Beautiful, check. Cute voice? Check!

This drama was a lot of fun to binge, and definitely worth watching. I watched this drama during finals week a couple years ago, and it definitely kept me from exploding.

All the actors are cuties and pulled off their roles beautifully. I really wanted to see their kids in the drama but they didn’t include them, sadly. But the novel talks about Xiao Nai and Wei Wei’s life even after where the drama ended *coughtheirkidscough*

Ah Love O2O also has a manhua called “One Smile So Alluring”, and the art is super clean too. The characters are all so cute.

So, I’ve been experimenting with the topics of my posts for a while, but I still can’t figure out the topics I want to focus on (manhwa, anime, manga, drama, etc) so if you guys have any suggestions for the type of posts you want to see, feel free to comment them below!

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