Shinobi Quartet

As usual, this post contains spoilers!

Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day! I hope you spent quality time with friends and loved ones! If your dream *winkwink* came true, congratulations! Please be happy! If this year’s Valentine’s Day didn’t work in your favor, don’t worry! There’s someone out there for you! You can enjoy this romance manga in the mean time 😉

This looks like an otome game but I swear it’s manga. (potential otome game though. would be very fun to play.)!

This manga is about… you guessed it! Shinobi!

Manaka Chouko is the heir of a prestigious family, which means that she needs protection right? In their world, there are shinobi that are specifically hired for that purpose, sort of like a bodyguard.

As you can see in the image above, there is not one, but FIVE shinobi fighting over the right to be her bodyguard?! That actually adds to the humor in the manga since they constantly fight over the position (yes, one of them will be the victor).

This series isn’t all sunshine and rainbows either. Chouko will encounter people who are coveting her position, the shinobi will face powerful enemies, and all of them have tough past stories that have haunted them for years.

What makes this manga stand out though, is that all 5 shinobi get along with each other pretty well. They’re like one big group of friends! Although it doesn’t start out that way, they all realize that working as a team gets more things done than if they were going solo.

This story is super good. The art is top notch too. And who would forget, this manga involves a lot of fight scenes with people you would never imagine them fighting with. But in the end, all of them manage to move pass their haunting past and be happy in their present!

This manga has already ended, so if you don’t like reading manga that isn’t completed, you might want to try this out! This manga has a super happy and cute ending! Although it didn’t end the way I thought it would. I was still very satisfied with the way it ended. Every character is babie, and all of them deserve the happy ending they got.

Check this manga out for cute/hot guys & epic fight scenes!

On a side note:

Here’s a cute Valentine’s Day video for you to enjoy~

None of the images are ours!

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