Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru – ep 1-12 Review (Spoiler)

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not posted much lately! >.< Hope you all been doing well 🙂 And of course, fall animes ended T.T but that’s alright cause winter animes are released.

We have reach our final ep of Cautious Hero! Our main hero, Seiya, may seem like he always avoids battle due to being cautious, but he is a great hero deep at heart. When a little girl he met was about was about to be killed by a Heavenly King, Seiya comes at last minute to defeat them. Without a doubt, our cautious hero has to explode her remains multiple times to guarantee she doesn’t regenerate.

Seiya sure is incredible, even the sword god, Cerceus is afraid of him! After losing in training with Seiya for a long period of time, Cerceus is traumatized and tries to run away from him. It’s funny how he tried to blend in with the seaweed, then Seiya came and told him no break from training XD I wonder who’s the trainer here…Later on, he becomes a punching bag for Seiya, poor Cerceus. T.T

We are introduced to two new allies, Mash and Elulu, who are dragonkins. Seiya was quite cruel and kept rejecting them as allies at first cause they were weak. However, we can see the soft side of Seiya again when Mash gets captured by one of the Four Heavenly King army, Deathmagla. Seiya immediately teleports to save Mash, and says that they can be his baggage carrier XD.

Forward to their journey to find Igzasion, an ultimate sword for defeating the Demon Lord, they end up in the Dragon Village and meet the Queen of Dragons, Leviae. Apparently, Igzasion must be summoned with an exchange of a dragonkin girl, Elulu. Conflicted by what she should do, Seiya gives a cold half misunderstood messages to Elulu, but she mistaken as him telling her to do it. Seiya definitely wouldn’t let him comrades die, so he rescues Elulu, and throws Leviae down instead. I had a bad feeling about Leviae from the start, and she was evil enough to poison Elulu, so I’m glad she’s gone >:o It was kinda sweet how Seiya claims Elulu can’t die because she’s his baggage carrier. In order to relieve the people, Seiya pretends the Dragon Queen was sacrificed and Igzasion was summoned. In truth, that was a regular platinum sword made with special material, Ristarte’s hair ^-^. With the amount of sword he pulled out during the battle, I wonder how many strands of hair he pulled… poor Ristarte, seems she will be bald soon.

The ending sure was a plot twist! Remember when Aria said Seiya looks familiar? Seems Seiya and Ristarte met before in another life as Princess Tiana and Aria was the goddess of that world. Seiya used to be more carefree and just charge into battle. However, their underestimation of the enemy led to their death in the end, which is probably why he’s so cautious now. It makes me even more sad because Tiana was pregnant with Seiya’s child! :_( Seiya must have felt so much pain not being able to protect her. Aria’s wishing allowed Tiana to be reborned as current goddess Ristarte. Could this be fate that Ristarte summoned Seiya again<3

In order to protect Ristarte in this world, Seiya went to fight the Demon Lord on his own. Ristarte regains her past life memories and goes to Seiya. However, it was already too late. Seiya sacrificed himself to cast Valhalla Gate. Ristarte broke many laws in order to try and save him, but he could not be saved anymore. This was so emotional T.T The world went back to normal but it will never feel the same without Seiya.

In the end, her punishment was to save a SS-difficulty world, and with her powers sealed! Ishtar made an exception for failed heros to return to the world and guess who that certain hero is? Seiya!

Honestly… I feel like Ishtar is trying to send them to their deaths. It’s already bad enough to send Ristarte into a SS-Difficulty world without any powers. But resetting Seiya’s stats less than a thousandth of what they were?! And this time Seiya is ” impossibly cautious” XD I hope he has some hidden skill or something, cause this mission sounds bad already. I wish Seiya could have been reborned as a god 😦 I enjoyed this show all the way, and I do hope they make a second season! Hopefully they can be together in next world >.< Thank you for reading!

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