Hatsune Miku (Updates)

Happy New Year on behalf of the Anime Tokoyo team! We hope that 2020 will treat you guys well! (perhaps even better than 2019) Pull some omikuji and get that excellent luck!

Now, everybody who has been/is a weeb knows of Hatsune Miku, the super popular virtual reality singer. She has super popular songs like “World is Mine” and “Rolling Girl”.

But did you know that Hatsune Miku is going to be at Coachella this year? How exciting! The lineup for Coachella came out a few days ago and Hatsune Miku is among the artists/groups that are performing on Day 1.

Hatsune Miku’s name can be found Friday lineup, 3rd row on the very right!

She’s going to be among the artists/groups representing Japan at Coachella this year! But this brings me to how the Westerners are going to fell about Miku performing. Unless they have previous exposure to vocaloids, wouldn’t they be super confused as to why a computer program is performing? Regardless I hope that Miku’s set list will give everybody a good lasting impression of her! Then maybe the Westerners who are attending Coachella will be dragged into the vocaloid fandom ahaha

In addition to Hatsune Miku joining the Coachella lineup, we can expect many many collabs and events with her this year! There’s a new moblie game featuring Hatsune Miku called “Project Sekai Colorful Stage”, more concerts (obviously), more Project Diva, and even even more to expect! I will also be playing Colorful Stage when it comes out so if you’re interested, I will post another update on the game when it releases!

Title screen for Colorful Stage

The World’s #1 Princess is blessing us with new exciting content this year! I look forward to seeing (and maybe writing) about all the new updates that our Princess will be blessing us with!

Also an update on tickets regarding Coachella, Weekend 1 has already been sold out, so if you’re going to grab tickets for Weekend 2, you should do it quick! General admissions is around $430 USD and VIP seats are at least $1000 USD!

Looking forward to our World’s #1 Princess’s performance!

Thanks for reading! And, again, on behalf of the Anime Tokoyo team, Happy New Year!

(Also I’m back from my 4 month break, so I will be posting a lot more often!)

Disclaimer: None of the images are ours!

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