Brother Conflict Ep 1 Review

Hello! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Wish you all a Merry Christmas~

Brother conflict is our typical reverse harem show, but it is one with the most guys I know of, 13 brothers!

Hinata Ema moves into a new home since her father remarried. Her pet, Juli, accompanies her, and he speaks! I found it quite strange that a squirrel could speak… but maybe he’s part of her harem?

That’s a lot of good looking brothers =w= Wish I could be in her spot… A household with a variety of careers, what’s better than that. During their introduction, Ema faints from a fever. ( The typical scene owo feel like every romance gotta have a mc showing her weakness scene to get the characters together)

This is my favorite scene from this episode xD Ema comes in and spots her twin brothers saying intimate things and misunderstand them for a couple. Turns out they were just reciting a script as voice actors. These twins Azusa and Tsubaki are my favorite male leads in this show xD they make a great combination.

This is a great anime overall, has a variety of characters and personality so I’m sure each of us must find one we like 😉 I hope we can learn more about each character in each episode though, but it’s harder with more guys. Thank you for reading~

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2 thoughts on “Brother Conflict Ep 1 Review

  1. Yeah, pretty much a reverse harem, which is quite rare since this genre is dominated by one guy (usually very nice despite his shortcomings) with a bunch of girls who are are easy to fall in love. I think I may watch this again in the future.


    1. Yep! I kinda wish we could see more time with each character tho >w< I recommend Amnesia, kamigami no asobi, norn 9 if you enjoy reverse harems 🙂


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