Mairimashita! Iruma-kun – Episode 1 First Impression (Spoiler)

Tragic life of 14 year old Suzuki Iruma has been sold to a demon named Sullivan. Working to support his family, Iruma believe his parents would not sell him, but gave up quick on that thought xD What kind of parents would do that T.T Although it actually isn’t as bad as it seems.

Iruma’s peak of his life begins as Sullivan’s adopted grandson. Sullivan begs Iruma to be his grandson, and tempts him with spoiling him and buying him anything. (I want a grandpa like this (TmT) ) Iruma can’t reject requests and reluctantly accepts it granting him a luxurious life in a mansion with nice food, clothing, and riches. (When is it my turn?!) Sullivan seems like a nice chumy guy until he says, “I’d have no choice but to have you for dinner tonight” if Iruma rejected. Well… he’s probably joking, right? ^-^’

Iruma begins his first day in Babirus demon school, and turns out Sullivan is the principal. Their school anthem is the best! After hearing it, Iruma is afraid to ever let anyone find out he’s human xD

Time for the speech from the incoming student representative. Everyone was expecting Asmodeus Alice to give the speech since he was the highest scorer. Unexpectedly, Iruma was called up as an honor student. ( I think Sullivan pulled some strings here xD) Iruma reads this script Sullivan left for him, but who knew it was an enchantment of forbidden spells! ( Gotta love when Sullivan finds ways to embarrass Iruma. The expression of the students was funny XD)

Someone is not happy Iruma stole their speech role. Asmodeus calls Iruma out and challenges him to a fight. Somehow, Iruma won with his ultimate dodging skills, and good luck charm from the chant earlier. After the duel, Asmodeus devotes himself to serving Iruma in his conquest of the world! So much for wishing for an average life, Iruma (T.T) .

It is a great anime to check out if you enjoy a comedy, school life story of a beyond average teen, and demons! I think Iruma will make a great demon king, but it would be weird if a human became a demon king instead of a demon! Looking forward to next episode~ Thank you for reading!

Images from: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. Dir. M Moriwaki. Bandai Namco Pictures. 2019.

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