Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Episode 1 First Impression (Spoiler)

Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy ( This is based of a vocaloid song with same name)

Chuunibyou, someone that has delusional belief and behaves of a fictional character. There is a club with the mission to help people, the Hero club. Hijiri Mizuki transfers to a new school, and Yamato Noda of the Hero club shouts out calling her Pink. Noda has a delusion of being Power Rangers, which is why he names everyone in the Hero club one of the characters. Nijiri is nervous on her first day and wants to meet some friends. Then, she was directed to the Hero club to find help in making friends and there she meets the rest of the members. Takashima Tomoki (Yellow) has an obsession with 2D girls and Sora-chan from his favorite mobile game. Rei Tsukumo (Purple) is our typical cool and mysterious character, maybe hiding something more. Lastly, Kazuhiro Nakamura (Black) is my personal favorite. He is your typical Chunibyo of a dark lord, love whenever he does his right arm unleashing thing! XD

Mizuki has been targeted in school with random accidents like a ball coming her way, and basket hoop almost falling on her! The members realize there is someone after her, and are determine to protect her. Mizuki’s request to finding friends.. she definitely will find someone after the club threw paper airplanes with her request written on it. (I would be pretty embarrassed myself >.<) Mizuki was mad, but it was quite sweet of them to do this for her! After the basketball hoop almost fell down on Mizuki, Nakamura steps out and declares the culprit, pointing at Rei. Although he gives a mysterious vibe throughout the episode, he seems more like a tsundere character, so I hope it’s not him >.<

Overall, it’s a nice slice of life comedy anime. There is great friendship between these characters, and I’m sure Mizuki will join them later too. Looking forward to next episode. Thank you for reading!

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