Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth – Episode 1 First Impression *Spoiler*

Anyone like a reverse harem? I sure haven’t watched one in a while, so I was looking forward to this. They even got a catchy opening song~

This story starts off with a young girl named Rei Izumi who seems to have been involved in an accident when she was young. They did not go into detail so I hope it will explained later on. This led to her joining the Drug Control Department (DCD) when she grew up (The guys in this department are all good looking >.<). Izumi has a special ability that makes her immune to any drug, so she was chosen to be a leading scout for a new agency known as STAND. This was where we were introduced to the other half of the characters. (I wonder how many guys there are in this entire show xD)

We are introduced to the candidates from the Investigation section, Asagiri and Sugano. Then, a cold guy comes in named Sosei Arakida who refuses to cooperate with her because he believes she doesn’t have any real skills other than her immune ability. He thinks she is weak and will get in the way. (I think we seen many of these kind of cool characters >.> She will get you to acknowledge her somehow)

After being told about an investigation on this ship, Izumi goes to investigate. During this time, an attack occurred. She was able to show Arakida that she was worthy when she chases after the guy who was behind the attack. This seems like a typical thing the main girl does in Otome games and romance shows XD I do hope there is more complicated mystery involved later on. (More guys on the way!)

Overall, I like the idea of combining detective / investigations in an Otome game. I’ll continue to watch this show and hope it does it good job. Keep a lookout for my dream man! ( currently we only seen like 10 guys) Bright side, there’s one of her and like twenty guys, so there no way she can love them all TvT

Thank you for reading!

I do not own any image or video above

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