Given Episode 8 Review *Spoiler*

Uenoyama-kun and Mafuyu still haven’t resolve their problem with each other yet >.< However we did get more background info on Mafuyu in this episode.

It started out with Hiiragi looking for Mafuyu at work, but he wasn’t there so we can definitely expect him to talk to Mafuyu later on in the episode. During school and after school Uenoyama-kun and Mafuyu both seemed lost within their thoughts. Uenoyama-kun looks like he tried to talk to Mafuyu after school, but he just couldn’t get the words out. (⌣_⌣”)

We have a short moment with Kaji-kun and Ugetsu, where Kaji makes breakfast for both of them. (Ugetsu looks so hot and cool, I couldn’t stop myself from blushing when Kaji-kun fed Ugetsu-san >.<) From their conversation it seemed like they were ex lovers and currently just friends since Kaji-kun was talking about Ugetsu’s new boyfriend. It was also very cute when Ugetsu kind of teases Kaji-kun that he will go watch him play when he is ready to give it his best.

Hiiragi then went to Mafuyu’s place and called him to come out for a talk. I want to know more because their talk was too short ( ≧Д≦) However, Mafuyu dated his childhood best friend Yuki Yoshida.

Yuki and Mafuyu definitely seem like a good couple. They didn’t tell us exactly why Yuki killed himself, but there was a argument happening between Mafuyu and him. Yuki, Mafuyu, Shizusumi, and Hiiragi had known each other since they were little kids. They have always been together till Mafuyu got separated from them and got into another high school. (I don’t get why Mafuyu didn’t try to transfer to their school) After they got separated, Yuki, Shizusumi, and Hiiragi formed a band and Yuki spend most of his time working part-time and practicing his music. We don’t know what exactly they were fighting about, but it could be that Mafuyu feels left out and that it feels like Yuki was picking his band over him.

We also got another flashback where we got a hint that Mafuyu had an abusive dad >.< Mafuyu has been through a lot himself! During rehearsal for the live performance, Mafuyu did not have the lyrics done yet, and from them playing you can tell they weren’t giving it their all. Uenoyama-kun was thinking they should take out the vocal so maybe leave Mafuyu out the performance this time and just play the music, but Mafuyu actually showed he displeasure with that. Mafuyu really wants to perform and while squeezing his guitar tightly, the guitar strings snapped. That moment of silence was heart breaking Q.Q

It’s sad that the anime is coming to a end soon. I will expect Mafuyu to perform either next week or on the last episode. I have a feeling his lyrics are going to make us all cry (;へ:)

Thank you for reading!

Images from: Given. Dir. H Yamaguchi. Lerche. 2019.

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