Chinese Anime – Shao Nian Ge Xing (ep 6-10 Review with Spoiler)

Continuing from where we left off, the coffin opens. Out the coffin came a…(good looking) monk! As enemies attacked, he opened his eyes and a light shone out and knocked the enemies out cold. That’s… not a ordinary monk for sure.

Another monk showed up named Wu Chan, who was here to pick him up. It turns out the monk inside the coffin was his Senior/ Senpai, known as WuXin. In order to bring Wu Xin on the journey, Wu Chan knocked him out They had a conversation of why everyone was going after Wu Xin. It seems like he is the last disciple left that knows the Luo Sha Hall’s secret martial arts skill ever since the manual was burned , and they are planning to send Wuxin to have his forbidden arts remove! (No >.< I hope they don’t take away his skills. I don’t see a reason why they would need to get rid of it, I mean it doesn’t mean Wuxin would use it for evil ๑◕︵◕๑ I also really want to see these skills that are said to be able to rule to world. ) Usually in most shows it would be some kind of sacred weapon, but this time everyone is after a person, not to mention a monk!

As they were discussing, the previous man of the evil sect that was involved in the clan fight in the brothel earlier attacked them. They tried to attack back but it was meaningless, so Wu Jie was forced to use the Sha Bu sword against him. The strange thing about this was the Lei clan forbids sword teachings, so why would Wu Jie know these skills?

They managed to get away, and it turns out Wuxin was just pretending to be asleep. I like how he saw Wu Jie and Xiao Se, and asked them would they like to join this monk on his journey to this place. Xiao Se and Wujie were like.. .no thanks, but he just grabbed them and ran xD I think this is kidnapping… but in a way you are telling them you are kidnapping them!

Wow, look at that body~ I found this scene funny where Xiao Se asked Wuxin why he need to bring them along when he’s so OP already. Maybe he likes them? 😉 Sorry to crush your heart but Wuxin just needs him for his money! I love how he said it so proud and prideful. Then for Wu Jie… he’s.. just there with his OP skills too. I see a mother and father and their child sometimes…

A group of horse bandits came and so Wu Jie being the hero fought with their gang. However, their leader was strong and captured him. Another funny moment when Wu Jie is telling Xiao Se and Wu Xin to run, but when he turns around they already running far ahead XD The sad feeling of betrayal T^T It’s ok Wu Jie, they will be back to save you… probably.

Short scene of Wu Jie being locked up in the bandit’s prison with this other prisoner and telling him his story of these strange people he’s with. This prisoner was dressed in wealthy clothes, drinking wine, and sitting in nice furniture while Wu Jie is sitting in a typical cell. Is he really a prisoner… how come their lifestyle in cells seems so different.

I knew they wouldn’t forget Wu Jie. Wu Xin dumped these two guards into the well till they told the location of Wu Jie and hit them with a stick. I like how Xiao Se is like are you really a monk? Then Wu Xin says if I’m not a monk, what else can I be? I agree…. do monks do these kind of things….They finally decided to talk and gave out the location, hope they rescue Wu Jie soon! Although he’s probably not in danger… complaining about them in prison right now >w>

It was a great few episodes! Not much happened other than the battles, but I expect some information about who the monk really is and his backstory coming in the next episodes. Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images

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