Given Episode 6 Review *Spoiler*

Crunchyroll: Clip from Ep 6

I was expecting Uenoyama-kun to ask Mafuyu about what he heard from that girl, but I guess he didn’t know how to ask him. I would not know how to ask Mafuyu either to not sound awkward like do I say “I heard you had a boyfriend that died in middle school…” I guess this conversation needs to happen at the right time at the right moment 😦

The episode began with Mafuyu’s old childhood friend, Hiiragi Kashima, coming to look for him at his part-time job place. I was expecting a flashback, but we didn’t see one yet. Kashima turns out to be a nice guy. He was worried about how Mafuyu was doing and asking him how he is dealing with Yuki’s death. They had a small chat and then they went their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Uenoyama-kun was dwelling on what his classmate said about Mafuyu. Is hard when you are keeping stuff to yourself, it can feel like a burden especially when you don’t know who you can talk to about it. I wish Uenoyama can talk to Kaji-San or Haruki-San about what’s going on…. To get some other perspectives, and usually after talking to someone, you yourself also gain new insights. Though, the best thing to do is talk to the source which is Mafuyu.

Later that day, Kaji-san went to visit Uenoyama-kun to see how he was doing and show how his song would sound like if they added drum beats and bass line to it. Uenoyama was so cute, flowers came out just to show how happy and embarrassed he was when Kaji-san told him how good his song was. After talking to Kaji-San, during band practice, Uenoyama asked Mafuyu to write the lyrics for his music. Telling him to write out his feelings or whatever he was feeling. Haruki without knowing suggested Mafuyu to write about his past relationships and things got gloomy….

Next day Mafuyu took like half a day off just walking around the city to sort out his thoughts and feeling. He realized he was not lonely anymore I am happy to hear him say that. Afterward, he went to school and sat on the stairs where he first met Uenoyama. Uenoyama then showed up saying he was here to rest. However, he doesn’t feel comfortable alone with Mafuyu. He has all these questions and feelings he needed to sort out himself. While lying there Mafuyu told him he will do his best on writing the lyrics and how he once loved this person very much. Uenoyama heard that and realized he was jealous!!!

I think Uenoyama-kun is starting to realize his feelings for Mafuyu and I do hope they can both have a chat about all this soon. Maybe they will do that after Mafuyu write the lyrics to the song.

Looking forward to the next episode!

Thank you for reading^-^

Images from: Given. Dir. H Yamaguchi. Lerche. 2019.

One thought on “Given Episode 6 Review *Spoiler*

  1. I really enjoyed this episode and the quiet character moments in it. Really this one just keeps me wanting to see the next episode to see how the characters move next and how it affects them.


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