Given Episode 5 Review *Spoiler*

Crunchyroll: Given Ep 5 Clip

You don’t want to miss this episode if you want to see Akihiko laying on top of Haruki. (#゚ロ゚#) This episode is like walking out the house on sunny day then returning home with dark clouds covering the sky.

The episode started out with good news from Haruki. He found a opportunity for them to perform and now we just need Uenoyama to finish the lyrics to his song for Mafuyu. Then, we can see a awesome performance by them. It was cute when Uenoyama stares at Mafuyu for an answer when Haruki asked him do they have any exams coming up. Mafuyu also gave this exciting look to Uenoyama for him to finish his song that he prepared for him.

After band practice Haruki and Akihiko went for a drink. When Haruki was lighting his cigarette, he accidentally singed his bangs and Akihiko grabbed his hair asking him why does he let his hair grow so long… (ノ▽〃) Then Akihiko ask Haruki can he stay at his place because he can’t drive after drinking. Nothing happen between them, but we got Haruki admitting to himself that he loves Akihiko since they first met, and we got some flashbacks of their past.

If I met Akihiko for the first time I never guessed he was a violinist, but I am guessing there is a backstory to that and why he plays the drum now. It seem like it was love at first sight for Haruki. It was cute seeing how flustered Haruki was when he was next to Akihiko. It must be fate that when he needed a drummer he found out Akihiko played the drum allowing him to form a band with Akihiko and Uenoyama. I wonder does Akihiko realize Haruki likes him because I hope he is not playing with his feelings.

It was so cute seeing how embarrassed Haruki was. I was shipping the both of them till Akihiko went home. He opens the door….there was two mug on the table, and from a distance we heard a voice….there was another guy lying on his bed or sofa!!! (〇□〇) (Who is this guy…..what about Haruki) We didn’t get a introduction on this guy so I hope they are just friends or cousins >.>

After this we got to see Mafuyu smile when he was playing basketball and Uenoyama mesmerized by him. We got some bonding time between the band members as they were fighting over food during dinner. Akihiko drank so he stayed at Haruki’s house again. Haruki laid in bed all tired and Akihiko was too tired and literally slept on top of him. (I wonder was Akihiko teasing Haruki or not…did he do that intentionally O_O) These were the happy times, but happy time doesn’t last. Near the end of the episode, it dropped a bomb on us.

The girl in Uenoyama class went to tell him that he should stay away from Mafuyu, that he is dangerous. She heard rumors that Mafuyu liked a guy and he was involved his suicide.

I really want to tell her is none of her business because base on her tone and facial expression she seemed like a jealous ex than a caring friend that’s worried about him. I kind of want Uenoyama to tell her “I do and stay out of my business” when she asked him does he like Mafuyu >.>

Next episode I feel like we might get some backstory from Mafuyu that is going to be heartbreaking, but I trust Uenoyama-kun that no matter what the truth is he is willing to stand by Mafuyu and believe in him.

Thank you for reading! ^-^

Images from: Given. Dir. H Yamaguchi. Lerche. 2019.

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