Given – Ep 3 Review *Spoiler*

Crunchyroll: Given Ep 3 Clip

The intro in episode 3 got me grabbing my cuddle plushy and a tissue box ready next to me to wipe my tears thinking that this will be the episode Mafuyu will talk about his past. However, it hasn’t yet, but is definitely coming next episode or the one after.

Last episode when Uenoyama ask Mafuyu to join his band, I was expecting a happy smile of excitement from Mafuyu. However, Mafuyu wasn’t that happy and even rejected Uenoyama invitation. Uenoyama was so cute in the beginning as if he got rejected by his crush. He even went and searched up how to ask someone out after they reject you.

Uenoyama wanted to talk to Mafuyu, but the whole day Mafuyu seem to have excuses to get away from him. At band practice when Uenoyama-kun talked to Kaji-san and Haruki-san about it, he found out Mafuyu couldn’t come because he had a interview for a part-time job. Uenoyama was confused by how Haruki-san knew about it and turned out nobody got Mafuyu’s contact beside Haruki-san. Uenoyama gave this surprised/jealous expression which was kind of funny. (*≧▽≦) How could he never thought about asking for Mafuyu’s phone number.

Uenoyama went to look for him and Mafuyu bumped into a old friend that seems like he didn’t want to see again. Mafuyu ran and Uenoyama stopped him hoping to get some kind of explanation. He saw Mafuyu crying and didn’t ask him further. Mafuyu also took this chance to explain to Uenoyama-kun that he isn’t great at expressing himself and that he was worried he would do bad in the band because of that. However, Uenoyama was upset because it was not true. Mafuyu didn’t realize it but he was already expressing himself. ( I just thought he was kind of shy but he was already expressing himself when he ask Uenoyama to teach him guitar) Uenoyama-kun told him the reason he picked him was because his song touched/ moved him. He asked Mafuyu to join his band again and this time he agreed.

Although in this episode Mafuyu didn’t tell us his backstory, it’s definitely setting us up to hear about it soon with his old friends showing up. I am pretty sure is going to be sad and some of us are going to cry.

On the side note….Uenoyama-kun’s sister dated Kaji-san, that is a interesting story I want to know about xD Now I want to know does Kaji-san have a girlfriend or not.
Poor Haruki-san >.<

Thank you for reading!

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Images from: Given. Dir. H Yamaguchi. Lerche. 2019.

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