The Demon Girl Next Door – Episode 3 Review (Spoiler)

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Demon Girl Next Door ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Continuing from last episode we meet Shamiko’s ancestor again in her dream where Shamiko receives a long lecture about her progress so far. Her ancestor gave her a 5 point… which made Shamiko so happy, but hold up it doesn’t work like that! That turned out to be a 5 out of 100! T^T (That is a F)

Realizing her physical strength can’t be saved, her younger sister gave her the idea to use projectile weapons against Momo instead. (Smart and cute younger sister right there, I think she will be a great Demon one day)

Next day, Shamiko actually bring fourth the idea. As you stare at Shamiko… you may also wonder why her clothes look strange. That is because few days ago, Shamiko messed up washing her clothes and so Momo lent her a extra set of hers. She even sewed her uniform to fit Shamiko. Still a awkward thing to do for your enemy but… the uniform looks cute on Shamiko xD makes her look like a kid *~*

” You want to make awesome projectile weapons, right? Then come with me after school”. Shamiko fell for another one of Momo’s ploy again and she confiscated Shamiko’s rubber band weapon saying it won’t deal much damage to her. (Wait… is this another ploy to take her weapons away?) Then, Momo tells Shamiko to shoot some magic with her wand. (Shamiko becoming a magical girl now!) She almost used her Demon statue as a target. Poor ancestral statue, looks like someone will be visiting Shamiko’s dream again soon. In the end…Shamiko managed to shoot out this tiny ball of magic, but it’s chasing after Shamiko because the power is too weak and wants to return home! Shamiko started running away from it, but it eventually caught up! Poor Shamiko, but at least it didn’t hurt, which is probably not a good thing huh. (I don’t know is this Momo’s plan to defeating her or not now)

I love how Shamiko is always so cute and keeps falling for these traps! Another funny episode of a great friendship being built~ Thank you for reading!

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Images From: Sakurai, Hiroaki, director. The Demon Girl Next Door. J.C.Staff, 2019.

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