Dead Mount Death Play Volume 2 Review *Spoiler*

Dead Mount Death Play Volume 2 Cover

In this chapter, our MC, the Corpse God, now known as Polka meets Lemming at Clarissa’s Club/Bar. We don’t know why Lemming was there, but he is known as the Pro Assassin so we are expecting him to have a target in mind. However, even Polka was shaken by him. Lemming’s target seems to be Misaki. Lemming throws Misaki over his back and ran. Polka was debating to save her or not because it risks the police and everyone there finding out who he really was. Polka asked himself “What I must do in Order to have peace in this world…” He told himself that he wasn’t going to save her, but he can only call himself a fool for wanting to save her.

Misaki Getting Kidanpped

After saving Misaki, Polka realizes how much weaker he has gotten and needs to find a way to make money faster to buy those Magic-storing tool. Polka explains to Misaki and Takumi what his necromancy magic could do and they were amazed by it. Like he could probably take over the world if he wanted to. So Polka started his fortune telling business. (Shockingly, of all the businesses he could have thought of, he went with fortune telling) He can have souls possess objects to make it feel supernatural, and with his power and Takumi’s hacking skills they could get all the background info on the person and predict what their future might be.

Unexpectedly, Polka’s nephews came. They are twin brother and sister: Shizuki Shinoyama and Kazuki Shinoyama (Not his nephew, but this current vessels’, the real Polka’s nephew). After chatting, those two talked like spoil rich kids and they were and Polka came from a rich family background. Before the twins left, Polka saw this spirit hovering around them, desperately asking someone to protect them. Polka got up and hug the twins, and told the spirit he promise he will.

The twins

The next day, Polka went back to his so called home. There he met up with his so call family members where they conspire to kill each other. Misaki came with Polka to help him out. During family dinner, Takeru Shinoyama, another nephew of his, started questioning his whereabouts these couple of days that he had been missing. Takeru, unlike the twins was much older, probably around his twenties. At the dinner table also had another relative of his that was planning to kill the twins. Before the conversation got “ugly”, the head of the Shinoyama Group, Polka’s grandpa showed up. Polka’s grandpa really loved him, he knew right away from the way he talked and his mannerism that the Polka in front of him was a fake. Before he explains himself to him that he was someone else using his grandson’s body, he sensed the twins were in danger and asked can he explain later after saving the twins.

Luckily, Polka knew something like this would happen and sent Misaki to watch over them. Misaki protected them from this killer sent by the relative and when Polka shows up, Lemming also showed up and took the killer away. Lemming was working for Takeru so something is up with that guy.

Overall, I also really like this manga. Is different compared to other isekai stories where the protagonist gets transfer from the modern world to a fantasy world. This one they reverse it and we get a “badass” evil guy coming to the modern world. Though he is pretty caring even if he doesn’t act that way.


Check out both Volume 1 and Volume 2 if you haven’t read the full story. Is funny and action packed!

All the images from: Narita , Ryohgo, and Shinta Fujimoto. Dead Mount Death Play. Vol. 2, Yen Press, 2019.

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