Dead Mount Death Play Manga Vol. 1 Review (Spoiler)

Dead Mount Death Play Manga Vol.1

Hey guys! This is our first manga review post, and this manga is like if Overlord came from the game to the “modern reality world”!

The story starts off with with a battle between two sides: the Church and our main lead, The Corpse God. The Corpse God and Shagrua also known as The Calamity Crusher both possessed the Evil Eye which allowed them to see ghost and spirits. Ones that possess this eye can use it for good or use it for evil. This is new to me since most of the time we see people in modern time get sent to another isekai, but in this manga we see the opposite like The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

During their battle, a miraculous event occured. The Corpse God’s soul was teleported with reincarnation magic into another world, the modern life time into a 16 year old boy’s body named Polka Shinoyama. Could this be a fulfillment of his wish for a peaceful life? It turned out Polka was dead, killed by Misaki Sakimiya from an assassination agency in Shinjuku. Who would want to harm a 16 year old boy? As for the real Polka… his soul was transferred into Takumi’s drone and later on into a plush. Of course, there were police confronting Polka because he has this huge cut on his throat! Misaki was informed by Takumi Kuruya, their information breaker, that Polka was still alive! Misaki was confused, and went back to check. Imagine killing someone and they suddenly got up walking around as if nothing happened (,,꒪꒫꒪,,)

This leads to a battle between Polka and Misaki. Although The Corpse God’s current body is weak, his Evil Eye still exist with his soul. Misaki cornered Polka to a room full of dead spirits to consume magic which allowed him to summon his huge skeleton buddy to the scene. The skeleton one hit Misaki and slammed her to the wall (That Skeleton looks cool, really reminds me of Overlord.) Afterward, Polka was ready for more counterattacks… but eh… Misaki is already dead with one shot… Polka was nervous thinking is there a healer or some sort of magical pill that can bring her back to life like how things work back in his world. So he decided to revive her as a zombie. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Now Takumi, an average human being, is seeing all this from a drone, and he is like am I losing my mind right now xD So he contacts the head, Clarissa Kuraki and she came to avenge Misaki. Then, there was news about a burning building, and Polka had an instinct to save them because he knows the pain of being burnt, and had a soft spot for kids. It was cool how he got the children parent’s spirits to save their kids. I think Polka is a good person at heart despite being a necromancer.

We learn some background information about The Corpse God. He was sold to the royal palace to go to war as a necromancer. After the kingdom died, he had became an undead and wanted a peaceful life. He stumbled upon some kids he gave food to, and they became like a family. However, it seems like some “salvation” seeking group came and killed them all, and I think this was what got him to the darker side. Whenever I hear these stories in shows, I can’t help but blame the humans for making the person evil. (Why would they go kill innocent children >.>)

As for Misaki, we also learned a bit about her past. Her parents were killed by assassins at an early age, so she joined that agency to take revenge. It was after that, she accepted the mission to target Polka. (I have a different view about Misaki now). I see that most characters that went through these kind of past end up doing these things like killing, so there is a connection between our lead and Misaki, and perhaps the rest of the agency members as well.

What happens next? Polka desires a peaceful life which needed money, so he now works for the agency as well! Polka needs to replenish his mana… and it’s a expensive process alright. Since magic is dense in this world, he needs to get it from places with many evil spirits or magic storing jewels… like diamonds and sapphire! ( Wow… getting rich while buying those expensive stones is gonna be hard ).

Misaki and Polka took on a mission together, and we are introduced to our two main cops Tsubaki Iwanome and Kozaburo Arase. ( Kozaburo Arase is like a yakuza, super strong) Arase reveals a past relationship with Takumi as he saw his drone with them while Arase was passing by. This led to a short fight between him, Misaki, and Polka.

This volume ends with those two cops and the main leads in Clarissa’s bar about to start a fight. Just then, the light turned off… and who is hanging on that ceiling… wrapped in bandages. (That gave me fright there alright xD it’s like a horror movie when you light a fire and see a ghost hanging.)

Overall, I enjoyed reading the manga so far, it was quite epic in each chapter as it keeps you engaged. I have so many questions in my mind that I hope gets answered in the next volume like what is Takumi’s relationship with Arase, what is left on the other world he came from, and of course who is that person in the end? (/∇\)Let’s find out in the next volume! Thank you for reading, let me know what you think about the book! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Read about Volume 2: Click Here

All the images from: Narita , Ryohgo, and Shinta Fujimoto. Dead Mount Death Play. Vol. 2, Yen Press, 2019.

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